Integrated marketing management

Integrated marketing management

Integrated marketing management represents the complex of marketing strategies and automation systems to support the operation of the entire Marketing ecosystem.

A complete set of features, to manage the marketing automation process in an integrated and efficient way.

The marketing automation process is based on marketing campaigns, and is structured along some fundamental steps:

1. sending a newsletter to the target list (the recipients of the campaign);
2. clicking on the final call to action contained in the newsletter message;
3. access to a landing page containing the online contact form;
4. the registration of a new lead / contact;
5. campaign analysis, focused on personal data and expressed interests;

ZenCRM is able to manage all the phases of this process.

A smart tool to optimize your marketing activities.

Lead Generation

Automatically manage the collection of new leads by quickly creating online registration forms.

Web Visits

Find out more about your public by aggregating visitor origin data.

Lead Management

Nurture and grow new opportunities with efficient lead management tools.

Target List Management

Increase the engagement of your audience by identifying and selecting your audience.

Segmentation management

Adopt a strategic point of view, classifying leads and contacts in detail.

Campaign Management

Communicate in a more effective and engaging way, through advanced direct marketing tools

Automated Marketing

Automatically acquire new customers, through a system of planning and automatic sending of email campaigns.

Lead Scoring

Measure the interest of your leads, assigning them a score based on their behavior.

Product Management

Keep your catalog up to date by efficiently managing all information about your products.

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