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Sales Force Automation

There is a direct correlation between effective sales process management and consistent business growth. The companies that clearly manage this process, training their sellers appropriately and enabling them to be more efficient, have seen a 28% increase in turnover.

Fonte: Harvard Business Review , 2015

Sales Force Automation (SFA), refers to the set of technologies and features that allow you to optimize the sales process through: – better communication between the seller and his managers;
– more accurate assistance to the sales network in planning or promoting a specific product;
– support in the generation of offer documents;
– the reduction of the possibility of human error;
– greater synchrony between the various organs or departments of a company;
– analysis and reporting functionality on sales results and trends.

ZenCRM allows efficient and effective management of opportunities, greater control over the productivity of your sales force, accurate, simple and punctual analysis of performance data, more streamlined and transparent management of administrative functions (order, contract and invoice management) better results in managing sales partnerships.

The management of your sales pipeline provides an overall and orderly view of all the opportunities, in all their phases and throughout the sales process.

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