ZenCRM - Sales Area

Sales Force Automation: advanced management of the sales pipeline.

An effective management of the sales process generates consistent business growth. The companies that manage this process adequately, and put the sellers in a position to be more efficient, see an increase in turnover equal to 28%. (Source: Harvard Business Review , 2015)

ZenCRM is the solution that allows you to obtain:

1. efficient management of opportunities;

2. improved sales force performance;

3. wider collaboration between employees;

4. stronger and more satisfying relationships with customers;

5. a strategic vision on the future of your company.

Manage your sale processes and increase your productivity with one single tool. 

Opportunity Management

Make your sales deals by managing and tracking relationships with contacts and customers.

Configure Price Quote

Accurate and centralized quotes, through an automatic configuration and quotation (CPQ) process.

Management of recurring revenues

Improve the profitability of your company by taking advantage of the opportunities accrued on recurring customers.

Samples management

Strengthen your customers’ purchase propensity by optimizing sample management.


Increase the productivity of your salespeople by making it easier to plan their daily activities.


Improve the efficiency and mobility of your sales agents on the territory with the geolocation of contacts.

Visit report

Gain strategic insight into future business activities by gathering information from your customers.

Asset Inventory

Anticipates the needs and requirements of customers through the quantitative and qualitative analysis of their assets.

Generation of an economic proposal

Automatically generate precise and focused offer documents based on each sales situation.


Monitor the entire sales area and access, quickly and centrally, the company core.

Competitor analysis

Cancel the  advantage of competitors, strategically managing all information about them.

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