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Italian electronic invoicing will be mandatory on all B2B transactions as from January 1st, 2019.

This means all invoices must be submitted for registration, in a predefined XML file format, through an online government’s portal before becoming legal tax documents. In fact, invoices will have to be issued in XML format (any other format is not allowed) and transferred through the Interchange System (known as Sistema di Interscambio, or SDI) to the Italian Tax Authority (known as Agenzia delle Entrate) to reach the customers (both companies and citizens).

This SDI process is mandatory for all B2B and B2C suppliers who are taxpaying entities in Italy. All Italian registered companies are required to issue and receive their invoices electronically.

Fines for not issuing a valid invoice range from 90% to 180% of the VAT due.
It is also possible to reduce the fine amount by 50% if a fix is done within 15 days from the day the invoice should have been issued.

ZenShare provides its customers with an easy-to-use and efficient tool to send and receive 100% of your italian e-invoices in a simple and convenient way: a suitable solution to comply with italian law obligations for electronic invoicing and manage in a very simple way all data flows for both account payables (AP) and account receivables (AR).

ZenShare manages the whole process, from the creation of the invoice in XML format to the applying of the digital signature, up to the digital archiving.

No need to install any software, just use a web browser to access your personal account on ZenShare.
Moreover, ZenShare provides integrations with third-party systems like management software (i.e accounting/ERP) and document management systems.

Are you looking for an e-invoicing intermediary partner to manage invoices to italian companies?

ZenShare addresses your needs.

Seize the opportunity to automate and digitize your business process.


AR TRANSACTIONS (account receivables)

The creation of the e-invoice for account receivable transactions can be managed in two ways:

1. AUTOMATICALLY, by sending files from the ERP to the invoice management system in XML format. In case files should not be compliant with the standard format, each XML file would be pre-processed by ZenShare in order to make it fully compliant.

2. MANUALLY, filling out a web form in a specific area of the ZenShare Fatturazione Elettronica portal with all the invoice’s informations.
At this point, the XML file is verified, validated by the system and digitally signed. Finally, at the end of the process, electronic invoices are digitally stored.

AP TRANSACTIONS (account payables)

ZenShare Document Management System, which the e-invoicing service is based upon, automates the AP transactions through its workflow. This allows users to manage the acceptance or rejection of the e-invoices as well as the related notification to be sent to the Interchange System (SDI). The process consists of:

1. Monitoring PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) accounts for incoming invoices
2. Generating XML file compliant with the SDI standard
3. Automatically inserting invoices into ZenShare workflow
4. Applying a barcode for reconciliating data on the ERP
5. Digital archiving of accepted invoices according to the law or/and discarding rejected invoices


Benefits of ZenShare E-invoicing

Reduction of the workload by process automation

Easy-to-use graphic interface

No need to install any software

Slashing costs generated by managing paper documents

Quick search in the electronic archive

Speeding up documents processing through electronic workflow

Reducing errors thanks to data check and file validation