Archive and Legal Conservation

What is digital conservation?

conservazione digitale

The digital document preservation process is aimed at making an electronic document non-perishable and therefore available over time in all its integrity and authenticity.

By digital preservation is meant the replacement of paper documents, with the equivalent digital document “whose compliance with the law in terms of form, content and time is attested by digital signature and time stamp.

Often digital preservation is assimilated to a mere use of specific software, instead a specific consultancy is needed above all in the organization of the entire dematerialisation process.

Digital archiving is:
– the definitive de-materialization of documents
– a process regulated by the law
– an entirely internal process for companies
– managed by the Conservation Manager
– an automatic procedure (batch)
– and must be compliant with and tax obligations
– due to ensure the transfer
– due to ensure the showing of the document


ZenArchive is fully integrated into ZenShare: it receives the documents that must be archived and the related metadata necessary to guarantee the probative effectiveness of the documents.

If equipped with a massive signature device (HSM) it allows the automatic signature of large quantities of documents (thousands of documents / hour); preserves, in its Database (Sql Server, Oracle, DB2), the historical information of the archiving activities and allows, through the location of the Conservation Manager, both the administration functions and the visualization of the documents archived on an optical device (CD, DVD , Worm, etc.) or on a suitable storage device, as required by current regulations.

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