Correlation of documents

Establish automatic correlations between documents

Document Correlation Module

This module allows you to establish automatic correlations between documents based on the document model, common metadata or other conditions.

The correlation serves to reconstruct the link between the documents over time: in particular, it is useful for reconciling the order-bill-invoice documents during the entire order-payment cycle.


Spool PDF / ASCII recognition module

This module is particularly useful in cases of automation of the active billing cycle and data transfer / acquisition for the integration of the DMS with the company ERP, in order to speed up and automatically index archived documents.

It consists in the acquisition, recognition and indexing of batch flows from management systems / ERP. Handles ASCII, TXT and PDF formats for both single and multiple documents:

massive file acquisition

separation of documents in the same file

metadata extraction

CSV file creation with metadata

importing CSV files and related documents into ZenShare

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