ZenOrders management of purchase and sales orders Admin 20 July 2022

Conveniently manage purchase requests and orders (PRQ-PO) and sales orders


ZenOrders is the add-on module of the ZenProject solution, to manage:

It is possible to manage purchase requests (PRQ) directly from the P&L (Profit & Loss) area of ZenProject.
Once approved, the PRQ will be transformed into a Purchase Order (PO). Each PO will be submitted for formal approval by the Purchasing Department via workflow. Furthermore, the ZenOrders module allows you to automatically collect the sales orders that customers send to their supplier.

Purchase Requests Management Make purchase requests directly from the P&L area of ZenProject
Purchase Orders Management Easily manage the approval process to transform PRQs into POs
Purchase Order Generation Automatically generate documents for purchase orders
Order approval workflow Easily submit requests and purchase orders for approval
Sales Order Management It also streamlines and automates the sales order management process

The easiest way to manage your purchase and sales orders

ZenOrder is the order management add-on module to help Project Managers formulate purchase requests (PRQ) for products and/or services and manage the entire order approval and issue process.

Howto get it?

ZenOrders is an optional ‘additional’ module, to complete and maximize the strategic and operational efficiency of those who have already chosen or are thinking of choosing:

– ZenProject >

the solution dedicated to project management.

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