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What is a subscription license?

The Subscription license is a subscription that the customer subscribes for a certain period if he chooses the delivery in On Premise mode.

What does it include?

Signing the Subscription for a fee, entitles the customer to:

use the subscription software;

obtain software updates (so-called software assurance) which may include both patches that resolve malfunctions and new features developed by Interzen after the subscription of the subscription by the customer.

Therefore the customer’s version, at his request, can always be updated to the latest version available. In addition to updates, technical support is included in case of software malfunctions, which can be accessed by sending an a e-mail to our support service. The removal of the malfunction (so-called “bug”) will take place through the release of a patch.

How long does it last?

Subscription can currently be subscribed for a period of 1 year or 3 years.

How do you get it?

The Subscription license can be installed both on the servers of the customer’s server farm and on an external data center indicated by the customer. The system management of the servers is the responsibility of the customer as well as the back up service which must comply with the customer’s security policies.

How many types of licenses are there?

There are two types of Subscription License: Gold Subscription and Platinum Subscription.

The Gold Subscription includes the use of the application software subject to the subscribed subscription, the additional system modules, the updates (so-called Software Assurance), the technical support for malfunction of the Software.

Platinum Subscription includes the same services as Gold with additional application support.

Both can be subscribed for a period of 1 year or 3 years. The fees of the chosen Subscription license must be paid in advance in a single solution.

Can the license be renewed?

A Subscription license is renewable with the agreement between the parties for an additional limited period after the expiration of the initial subscription period, but a Subscription license can never be converted into a perpetual license. Upon expiry, the customer can decide whether or not to renew the subscription. If so, Interzen will update the license file to extend its validity.

In the event that the customer does not intend to renew it, the Subsciption will expire and will no longer allow access to the Software. In this case, the customer can request a copy of the documents stored in ZenShare from Interzen who will provide a quote based on the work to be carried out.

What are the benefits of a subscription license?

Availability of software updates included

Additional system modules included in the Subscription at no additional cost

Software always updated to the latest version available with new features

Technical support included at no additional cost

Application support included (in the Platinum version) with no additional cost

Reduction of the initial investment compared to the purchase of licenses and consequently reduction of the investment risk

Financial impact of the investment diluted over time

Possibility of not renewing the Subscription at its natural expiration

Economic advantage in case of subscription to the 3-year subscription

Match the duration of the software subscription with that of the hosting fees if you opt for external data centers

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