Project management

Area of application: project management

The success of a company is increasingly linked to its ability to innovate and innovate by managing projects both for product development and improvement of business processes.

The design, the development of a product and the production on order, although they are different activities, have the common characteristic of being all oriented to customer satisfaction (“customer satisfaction”) and for which adequate Project Management tools are required , In particular for those companies that accept competition and look to innovation as a strength of their strategy.

The ZenShar Suite, and with its solution focused on the ZenProject project management, also intervenes effectively in this area to support all those processes, primary and support, oriented precisely to production/project management  and the management of human resources ( timesheet and task management).


ZenProject allows you to effectively monitor:
– the time taken to carry out a specific project or service;
– the time to carry out each individual planned activity;

• productivity and yield for each resource
– management costs

With access to the 3 specific areas of ZenProject:
1. Work Breakdown Structure for planning activities;
2. GANTT the graphic representation of the progress of the project;
3. and Profit & Loss Statement for the retrieval of economic information;

on the one hand, project managers can manage the operational part by planning and organizing the various project activities; and on the other hand company management is placed in a position to oversee all project  information.


The task management provided by ZenProject offers all participants in the project / order the opportunity to carry out the assigned activities by accessing a dedicated area and, upon completion of a task, to report its closure.

Project Managers and more generally the Company Management will constantly have a clear and realistic picture of the actual state of the work and any time deviations from the scheduled deadlines.


The quantification of the working time of each single activity is fundamental in the management of a project. For this purpose ZenProject provides a Time Sheet area: an important tool that offers the possibility to improve performance and to monitor in real time the costs and revenues of the various activities in which a single project is divided. In fact, the reporting data are automatically received in the WBS and P&L areas and provide a picture of the costs actually incurred compared to those estimated in the quotation phase.

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