• Editalia

Client: Editalia S.p.A.

Website: www.editalia.it

Sector: Publishing

Solutions adopted: ZenCRM Advanced Edition

Problem: in the analysis phase the problems highlighted by the client were highlighted with particular concern
– poor coordination and ineffective planning of marketing activities;
– insufficient communication between sales managers;
– poor planning in product promotion;
– too high an incidence of human error;
– insufficient analysis and the scarcity of updated reports on sales results and trends;
– a frequent loss of new sales opportunities;
– the sales force complained about the lack of an overview of all the opportunities in place and a great difficulty in effectively following the phases of the sales process on each opportunity;
– a lack of attention to post-sales activities made the management of complaints and returns unsatisfactory, negatively affecting the general image of a company instead able to offer the public products of the highest quality.

It was necessary to address the shortcomings found in both the marketing, sales and post-sales areas to bring the levels of efficiency and company productivity back to appreciable values ​​again.
The customer stressed that the interventions aimed at automating the sales cycle were urgent, in particular from the phase of maturation of the opportunity, up to the conclusion of the contract and the subsequent management of any complaints.

– pursue integrated marketing management, paying particular attention to planning, optimizing results and measuring performance;
– obtain an optimized management of the sales pipeline and greater control over the productivity of the sales force;
– set up an efficient Customer Care system that would restore reliability and prestige to the company’s image.

Implemented solution: the implementation of the ZenCRM Customer Relationship Management solution, in its Advanced Edition, has allowed an optimized and efficient management of the sales process, from the signing of the contract to the management of complaints and returns.

Company areas involved: Production and Technical Area / Customer Care

Benefits obtained: Thanks to ZenCRM it was possible to intervene effectively to fill those gaps and remove those obstacles that undermined the efficiency of the marketing area, inhibited the potential of the sales force and paralyzed Customer Care activities.