Poligrafico Roggero e Tortia

  • Poligrafico Roggero e Tortia

Client: PRT S.p.A.

Website: www.prtgroup.eu

Sector: Industrial printing and document management

Solutions adopted: ZenDMS

Problem: the amount of documents to be archived and managed was excessive compared to the resources available

– have a system for archiving and storing documents in accordance with the law capable of managing very high volumes with multi-company characteristics;
– quick and easy search of documents, with secure and confidential access to information.

– recover efficiency in document management;
– zeroing of the risk of loss of documents;
– drastic reduction in the time required for searching and consulting documents.

Implemented solution: the implementation of ZenDMS, the ZenShare Suite solution for Document Management, with its Large Volume Module has made it possible to fully satisfy the need to efficiently archive and manage a very high volume of documents in multi-company mode.

Company areas involved: General services

Benefits obtained:
– quick and intuitive navigation by category and type of document;
– improvement of business performance thanks to efficient document management;
– evolution of the service towards a process of substitutive conservation of the documents that come in this way progressively replaced by their digital equivalents, retaining their legal value of form, content and time through digital signature and time stamp.