Sinergie Education

  • Sinergie Education

Client: Sinergie Education S.r.l.


Sector: Training

Solution adopted: ZenCRM

Problem: There were numerous inefficiencies in customer relationship management, the gaps in this area and the lack of a standard, shared management system were often the cause of missed sales opportunities.

Need: a system was needed to reorganize and automate the management of processes connected with commercial activities.

Objectives: Business development and customer loyalty already in the portfolio

Implemented solution: ZenShare Suite’s Customer Relationship Management solution, ZenCRM, was able to achieve the objectives, offering an agile and easy-to-use tool for coordinated management of relationships with leads, contacts, prospects and customers, but above all through its business opportunity monitoring tools.

Business areas involved: Marketing / Sales

Benefits obtained: The adoption of ZenCRM has made it possible to equip the commercial apparatus with an extremely effective tool both in terms of managing the relationship with existing customers and in monitoring new opportunities, triggering a virtuous circle both in terms of development and of production efficiency.