What is a subscription license

It is a subscription for those customers who choose the delivery mode 'On Premise'.

The subscription license requires the payment of a fee and entitles the customer to:

- to use the software indicated in the license;

- to obtain software updates (so-called Software Assurance) that may include patches that solve malfunctions and new features developed by Interzen after subscription by the customer;

In addition to the updates, technical support is included in the service in case of Software malfunctions, which can be accessed by sending an e-mail to our support service

Subscription Licence Typologies

Esistono due tipologie di Licenza Subscription: la Gold Subscription e la Platinum Subscription.

La Gold Subscription include l’utilizzo del Software scelto, i moduli aggiuntivi di sistema, gli aggiornamenti (c.d. Software Assurance), il supporto tecnico per malfunzionamento del Software.

La Platinum Subscription include gli stessi servizi della Gold e il supporto applicativo.

Entrambe possono essere sottoscritte per un periodo di 1 anno o 3 anni.
I canoni della licenza Subscription scelta dovranno essere corrisposti in anticipo in un’unica soluzione.

Licence Renewal

A subscription license is renewable for an additional limited period after the initial subscription period has expired, but a subscription license can never be converted into a perpetual license


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