Our Technological Partners

Grammelot's mission is to support customers in document dematerialization processes, offering advanced services and solutions for digital document management.
Digital preservation, electronic invoicing and digital signature are the tools that they make available along with their passion, their listening skills, their experience.
TIS - Top Image System - is a world leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.
TIS offers advanced solutions and technologies to automatically transform information into usable and accessible electronic data, ready to be addressed to other systems as well.

With the eFLOW ™ platform, TIS provides customers with an advanced solution for capturing, classifying, processing and validating data on incoming documents, both physical and electronic. eFLOW ™ is a modular and scalable platform that aims to reduce manual intervention in data extraction by increasing efficiency, ensuring more accurate information and enabling the automation of critical business processes through technologically advanced tools.
Expert System is a leader in the development of semantic software for information comprehension and analysis. All of its products, based on Cogito technology, rely on the company's extensive and deep experience in developing business solutions in the main market sectors (Manufacturing, Telco, Energy, Finance, Media, Mobile, etc.) and supporting Knowledge Management, Customer Care, Corporate Intelligence and Homeland Security.

Among the main customers: Eni Group, Pirelli, Finmeccanica, ANSA, Telecom Italia, Microsoft, MPS, Ministry of Defense and Interior. The company, founded in Modena in 1989, opened a branch in the United States in 2008 and has offices in Rome, Naples, Trento and London.
Hitachi Data Systems is a recognized leader in the enterprise storage market, with over 11,000 installations of its virtualization platform (USP V). Thanks to the new family of modular solutions and strategic partnerships with leading companies, such as Microsoft and VMware, it is rapidly gaining market share even in the small and medium businesses sector.
With a staff of 4,000 employees and offices in 170 countries, Hitachi Data Systems markets its solutions in over 170 countries. Hitachi Data Systems is the benchmark company of Hitachi, Ltd. ™ for the construction of storage infrastructure solutions, storage management software and storage consulting services.
Nuance is the leading provider of image and speech processing solutions for businesses and private customers worldwide.

Its technologies, applications and services improve the use of products by transforming the way people interact with information and creation, sharing and use of documents.
ByteWay is a consulting and IT service company highly specialized in software integration. It distributes document processing technologies, optical character acquisition, voice recognition of data and integration of systems for intelligent backup and storage.

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