ZenHR: the solution to manage holidays and leave


Holidays and leave guarantee workers a fundamental rest period to preserve their well-being and maintain their productivity: it is in the interest of the company to ensure that no employee gives up the rest to which he is entitled and for too long. In addition to being one of the most appreciated bonuses by workers, free time is also one of the factors that improves the efficiency, creative strength and productivity of employees.

Why is modern and optimized management of holidays so important?

The use of traditional and obsolete methods such as emails, excel sheets increases the fatigue and dissatisfaction of all parties involved: managers, employees and human resources managers.

The management of holidays and leave is an HR (Human Resources) process that should not be underestimated because it can give the company great tangible and intangible benefits.

The advantages.

1. Enhance your corporate image

Choosing an automated and integrated vacation management, supported by a correct company policy in this sense, can turn into an incredible employer branding and employee retention tool for your company:

– employees will undoubtedly be happier to work in a context that shows particular attention and transparency in the management of human resources; where it is possible to plan one’s holidays well in advance with rapid response times to requests for example due to particular family or personal contingencies;

– the company will in turn be able to schedule the staff vacation calendar in time and thus always keep the efficiency of the processes high.


2. Avoid administrative penalties

The rules to be respected regarding holidays, in Italy as well as abroad, are numerous and employers who ignore them can face administrative penalties. It is therefore very important to be able to track and certify the use of holidays by employees and make sure that employees are regularly using the holidays accrued.


3. Improve the internal organization

The management of holidays and leave is an important point in the organization of the team. Using an automatic system for the management of holidays, it is easier to communicate to the employment consultant or to the system that manages the wages, all the information necessary to process error-free pay slips. Personnel administration managers can count on a correct count of the holidays used monthly by each employee, having more time to devote to activities with greater added value.


4. Monitor productivity

Among the responsibilities of a project manager there is also that of keeping track of the vacation plan of the members of their team, thus carefully avoiding that strategic activities remain uncovered or that productivity drops in a particularly delicate moment of a project. Offering technological support to these figures is essential, both to ease the work and to speed up approval times.


5. Intercepts possible criticalities

Failure to monitor employee attendance and absences does not shed light on any absenteeism problems. An automatic management system, on the other hand, easily highlights absences that are too frequent or with little notice, which can create difficulties for the team or, on the contrary, shed light on too long approval times for vacation requests that could be at the basis of a discomfort among the employees.

With ZenHR all this is possible!

ZenHR is the add-on module for the solutions of the Suite, ZenCRM and ZenProject, specially formulated for the digital management of vacation and leave requests.

It is a set of features such as:

1. user (vacation requests and leave)

2. manager (approvals via workflow);

3. administrative (management of working and company calendars);

4. reporting (attendance sheet);

all with the ultimate purpose of automating the request and approval of holidays and permits.

ZenHR is characterized by an excellent user experience, designed to make both the request and the planning of vacations by general users easy, and to facilitate the approval of requests and the configuration of company calendars by users with an approver profile / administrator, who have access to the company calendar and to that of individual employees.

How to get it?

This is an optional ‘add-on’ module, to complete and maximize, also in terms of human resources management, the strategic and operational efficiency of those who have already chosen or are thinking of choosing:

ZenCRM the ZenShare Suite solution for Customer Relationship Management

and / or

ZenProject the solution dedicated to project management.

ZenHR allows a modern, digital and efficient management of holidays.

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