Manager functionalities

Manager functionalities

Save time for the authorization of holidays

ZenHR allows you to accept or reject requests quickly and intuitively, simplifying the work of the entire Human Resources Area.

Holidays and sickness automatically enter an approval process (authorization wokflow) whether it is a single approval from HR or managers, or multiple approvals. These are very important features as the same employee can be involved in multiple activities / projects or cover multiple roles, so it is good that several company figures are informed of his absence.

The approval process for the holiday request is simple and quick: approval requires a simple click, ensuring immediate and orderly management of this phase of the process.

At each stage of the holiday authorization workflow, notification emails are sent so that everyone is informed about the progress of the request.
In addition, the presence within the email notification of a direct link to the ZenHR vacation approval area allows users ‘with the role of approver’ to respond easily and quickly.
ZenHR guarantees a drastic reduction in the times for submitting and accepting holiday requests even for those employees / collaborators who may be geographically distant.

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