Vacation request management

Vacation request management

Next to the Timesheet there is an area for requesting holidays. It is a set of functions with the aim of automating the request and approval of holidays requests.

The interface has been designed to make it easy for general users to request and schedule holidays, as well as to facilitate the approval of requests and the configuration of company calendars by users with an approver / administrator profile.

In fact, the user administrator has access to both the company calendar and that of the individual employees.

In the section dedicated to the corporate calendar, the administrator user can define company holidays and closings. All changes made to the company calendar will be automatically reflected in the personal calendars of individual employees.

Obviously the administrator has access to each employee’s calendar.

In the left column a legend associates a different color to each type of request and to each state in which a request can be found (planned, requested, rejected, approved).

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