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Increase sales with a secure and certified Cloud CRM

The innovative CRM based on the Lead to Cash process

A single tool to manage the sales pipeline and increase productivity and revenues with the security and performance of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider

Reduce the distance between your company and your customers and build one
valuable relationship at every stage of the sale

Opportunity Management

Conclude your sales negotiations by managing and tracking all relationships with contacts and customers

CPQ and Quotation Management

Formulate accurate and centralized quotes through an automatic configuration and quotation process

Recurring Revenue Management

Increase the profitability of your company by exploiting the opportunities accrued on recurring customers

Sample management

Strengthen your customers' propensity to purchase by optimizing sample management

Agenda management

Increase the productivity of your sellers by making it easier to plan their daily activities

Economic Proposals

Automatically generate precise and focused offer documents based on specific sales situations

Visit report

Gain strategic insight into future business activities by gathering insights from your customers


Monitor the entire sales area and quickly and centrally access the corporate core

an in addition…

Marketing Features

Create and monitor marketing campaigns with our Marketing Automation tools

Customer Care Features

Fulfill your clients' requests in a timely and effective way with our Case Management module

ZenCRM, strumento per gestire le vendite e incrementare produttività e fatturato.

Effective management of the sales process generates consistent business growth. Companies that oversee the sales process in a structured way see a 28% increase in turnover.

SOURCE: Harvard Business Review

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The innovative CRM based on the Lead to Cash process Trigger the virtuous circle of your business performance

ZenShare Suite: a single secure, innovative and easy-to-use Cloud tool to oversee all phases of the Lead to Cash process, from identifying a potential customer to concluding the sale with invoice collection
1. Lead to Opportunity

From the Lead generation to the creation of an Opportunity
Identification and evaluation of potential customers (Leads) through appropriate lead generation tools. The leads generated and positively evaluated are assigned to a salesperson who will be in charge of converting them into contacts and taking care of the relationship up to the creation of an economic opportunity for the management of the sales negotiation.

2. Opportunity to Quote

From the Opportunity to the formulation of an offer
The opportunity is accompanied by one or more economic quotations using technologically advanced tools such as the CPQ. Based on the chosen estimate, it is possible to automatically formulate an offer to be sent to the customer.

3. Quote to Order

From the Economic Offer to the receipt of the Sales Order
The offer sent to the customer is negotiated until a final agreement is reached. Once the sales order is received, the opportunity is converted into a contract.

4. Order to Cash

From the Sales Order to the Invoice collection
From the sales order, the sale of the good/service or the opening of an order follows. With their delivery, invoices are issued, monitoring that payments are made in compliance with deadlines.

The Information Management System that can be integrated with any corporate ERP

Fondata a Pescara nel 1996, Interzen è una società di consulenza sulle tecnologie dell’informazione, focalizzata su Document Management e CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Interzen si rivolge alla media e grande impresa – sia a livello nazionale che internazionale – proponendo la propria Suite ZenShare: Document Management e CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Impresa: Interzen Consulting S.r.l.
Sede: Strada Comunale Piana, 3 – 65129 Pescara
Sito web istituzionale:
Sito web di prodotto:
Telefono: +39.085.4516447
E-mail istituzionale:
C.F. e P.IVA: IT01446720680
Ufficio del Registro: Pescara
Numero R.E.A: 96811
Capitale sociale: €100.092,00 (I.V.)
Anno di costituzione: 1996
Codice intermediario SDI: PBV3TR8
Codice intermediario NSO: GTLWJSS6

Cloud Service Provider: Microsoft Azure.
Tipologia di servizio: Public Cloud.
Certificazioni CSP: scopri le conformità di Azure.
Localizzazione: West Europe (Netherlands).
Livelli di sicurezza: scopri Microsoft Azure.
Archiviazione: ZRS (ridondanza di zona).

Back-up e disaster recovery:
Back-up database e documenti ogni 4 ore;
 Ridondanza geografica: North Europe (Ireland);
 Data retention di 7 giorni;
Modalità Disaster Recovery: Cross Region Restore con localizzazione North Europe (Ireland)