Project Management

Organize, manage and monitor the progress of projects

ZenProject allows you to organize, manage and above all keep under control the progress of projects through specific and fully usable features thanks to a simple and comprehensive interface.

The user will always have available, in real time:
both general information on the project (project team, project status, start date and end date etc.) and more strategic summary information on costs, revenues, variances and margins.


Still on the same screen, ZenProject offersboth to the management and to project managers access to more specific areas concerning the organization and actual management of the project.

These are the areas of:



The area dedicated to the planning of phases, activities, tasks, milestones, the allocation of resources, and the definition of times and deadlines.

From here it is possible to monitor and monitor the progress of a project and on the basis of real and updated data, regularly check whether actual times and costs fall within the limits estimated in the contract phase.


It is the area that offers in ‘graphical’ terms a clear, intuitive and interactive picture of the total time frame used for a given job with the related breakdown by phases, activities and tasks.


This is the most strategically important area, the litmus test on the economic trend of the current project.

It is from here that it is possible to draw information of an economic nature, monitoring with analytical precision costs, revenues, expenses incurred. It is also from here that profitability margins can be verified by promptly intercepting critical issues and any economic deviations.

On the basis of all these data it will be possible to consider the opportunity to apply corrective actions to the project.


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