Workflow: automates approval processes

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Process Management


Through a very simple interface, the administrator user has the possibility to generate new approval processes for the inserted documents. Each process passes through a series of states for each of which the user – involved in the workflow – is asked for approval or rejection.

ZenShare provides multiple types of approval process (by majority, unanimously, upon selection) in tabular form or through the use of a graphic designer. It also allows you to:

– define the activity of the next step (completion of document registration, metadata insertion, etc ..)

– decide where (in which folder) to bring the document to the end of the workflow

– send email notifications whenever there is a change of status

– motivate the approval or any non-approval of a document



ZenShare guarantees the management of the document in all phases of its life cycle:


– insertion of the document in the library

– modification and processing of the document

– approval request directly from the library

insertion in the approval process defined in the workflow

– approval and release of the approved document in the document repository

– review request for any changes to the document with mandatory submission to the review process


It is a dynamic tool, evolved and alternative to the usual tabular interface, for the construction of approval processes in a visual, rapid and extremely intuitive way. The user, in the definition of each state, in the choice of approval procedures and in the selection of the approval users, will have to do nothing more than click on the corresponding boxes. You can also modify the approval flows by a simple dragging.


Any user or group of ZenShare users defined as approval users in a process will be able to view and manage only the documents of that specific approval process.

– Personal documents: list of your documents entered for approval
– All documents: exclusive detail for administrator profiles that lists all documents in approval
– Documents to be approved: list of documents to be approved for which the role of “Approval” is covered
– Published documents: documents published in the library after the completion of the process
– Process management: detail of approval processes (reading for users, reading / writing for administrators)

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