Professional services

Professional services

ZenCRM is able to offer a varied range of professional services to meet the business needs of every type of company, be it small, medium or large. You can choose the package that best suits your needs: training and guided assistance on first use will make the approach to our solution even easier.

Our packages are divided into three large Start-Up, Training and Support groups, each of which has different options within it.

You can freely choose according to the type of need or the type of functionality most useful to your business.


These are packages designed for startup and first configuration. Our Start Up packages are organized according to the desired functionality, service and type of support. Depending on the level of familiarity and acquired, it will be possible to direct the choice on packages that provide or not within them a training and support service, starting from the first installation. The Sales and Marketing packages refer to the activation of the functionalities aimed at developing the respective areas of interest: sales or marketing area.


In addition to the basic training that is provided during the startup and configuration of ZenCRM, (Start Up Standard, Advanced and Plus packages), it is possible to request additional training by defining specific training plans for a deeper knowledge of the various areas of our CRM.


Once the start of ZenCRM is complete, you can take advantage of our support for modifications to be made to the system configuration and fine-tuning activities to make it more responsive to your needs.

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