Manage your projects in an integrated way

– management of resources and work flows

– control of performance levels

– assessment of budget variances

– definition of any corrective actions

– information management and control

These are all activities among which companies must skillfully juggle every time they have to deal with the management of a project; and it is not at all uncommon that the lack of good organization generates chaos, mistakes, difficulties, frustration but above all a significant waste of time.

Do you also think that by automating all those tasks that often block your team in trivial and repetitive activities, you would gain precious time for ‘non-automatable’, more profitable and strategic activities?

Have you ever dreamed of having a tool that allows you to:

automatically open a job order directly from the quote (CPQ) converted into a contract

– plan without difficulty the activities and tasks of each project

– set budgets and implementation times clearly and precisely

– drastically reduce errors

–  keep the actual times and costs within the estimated limits

– keep under control the margins of the order

– manage requests and purchase orders quickly and in a structured way

– have an overview to intercept any critical issues and negotiate corrective actions?

– and maybe all this from the comfort of your home facilitating Smart Working?

If it were really possible and with a single integrated tool? ZenProject is the answer.

ZenProject is the solution, fully integrated in ZenCRM, effective:

1. at a strategic level to guarantee management a global vision of all projects and precise control over the progress of orders

2. at an operational level so that Project Managers have an advanced and complete tool to manage projects from A to Z through the application areas of:

With ZenProject for each order will be available:


from which to plan phases, activities and tasks, allocate the necessary resources, set timelines and deadlines, evaluate and monitor the progress of a project to verify compliance with contractual conditions


a graphical representation of the total time frame used on a given order and its breakdown by phases, activities and tasks


from which to draw economic information on the contract in progress. In this area it is possible to monitor revenues, costs, expenses incurred; it is also possible to check the profit margins and any economic deviations in relation to the estimate


ZenProject includes a functionality for managing requests and purchase orders; if the realization of a project requires the purchase of one or more products and / or services from an external supplier, the PM will have the opportunity to make his purchase requests either directly from the P&L area or from the dedicated section. Approval users will be responsible for approving or rejecting the purchase request. For each approved request, a purchase order will be generated: the purchase order thus generated will enter a workflow to be subjected to formal approval by the Purchasing Manager. In the event of final approval, the system will deal with the order number to reconcile with the related passive invoices.


for the detection of the daily activities carried out by each resource, the verification of progress, the measurement of performance in order to optimize and improve work methodologies, the cost of each resource is stored by the system, during the reporting phase. The costs of the resources are automatically accepted in the WBS and P&L areas in order to provide a realistic picture of the costs actually incurred against those estimated in the estimate phase.

The ZenHR form for requesting holidays and leave has also been integrated into the Timesheet. It is basically a set of functionalities aimed at automating operations such as requesting, planning and approving (the latter only for users profiled as ‘approvers’) of holidays and / or permits.

Remember, good project management doesn’t waste anyone’s time and improves productivity by creating a culture of continuous improvement.

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