ZenCRM: the CRM solution of the ZenShare suite

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the synergy of strategies, practices and software platforms that help companies manage the sales process, optimize commercial activity and analyze interactions with actual and potential customers throughout their life cycle .

The goal of CRM is to:
– improve and manage more effectively all customer relationships to generate a virtuous circle of customer loyalty (segmentation, analysis of purchasing behavior, stimulation of repurchase);
– increase the efficiency and performance of the sales and sales network;

encourage the achievement of business objectives (increase in turnover and profitability on sales);
offer a collaborative environment for the sharing of information and data (customer and contact details, visit reports, customer needs and interests, quotes and offers, contracts, invoices) for greater efficiency of the sales network;
provide analysis tools for strategic planning, optimization of results and performance measurement.


Improve and simplify your daily activities with CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


Who wouldn’t it be convenient to have an efficient and reliable work assistant, able to remind us of expiring opportunities and contracts? Which customers should be contacted? Invoices that have not yet been paid?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) works in this direction. The ZenCRM operating home was designed to support us in carrying out the various activities and in monitoring all the phases of the sales cycle.
It represents the operational heart, the virtual desk where you can view at a glance:
– tasks
– accomplished results
– goals to be achieved

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