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Macro-areas of intervention

The first Italian CRM for customer relationship management based on the Lead to Cash process.


Projects management, WBS, P&L, GANTT, Electronic Orders, TimeSheet and Holidays management.


Document Workflow, Registration and Digital Archiving of documents in a single platform.


Electronic orders management via NSO / PEPPOL GATEWAY and digital archiving.


The all-inclusive Cloud service to manage all phases of electronic invoicing (both AP and AR)

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What is meant by automation of business processes?

Business process automation rules the use of advanced technologies to automate repetitive activities associated with the workflow. Automating means improving efficiency, reduce personnel costs, increase customer satisfaction, improve productivity and have technology at the service of your business!


In what areas can we intervene with automation?

ZenShare intervenes on the entire business process Lead to Cash: from the generation of the Lead to the receipt of the invoice. The areas of intervention of Zenshare Suite touch on CRM, Project Management, Human Resources, Document Management, Orders and Electronic Invoices, Document Registration.

What is meant by Digital Transformation?

English phrase that has now become part of the Italian vocabulary, to indicate “the modernization of IT (for example, cloud computing), digital optimization, the invention of new digital business models.” (Gartner Inc).
Digital Transformation makes it possible to provide services, process and make accessible large amounts of information regardless of the actual availability of resources. The implementation of digital technologies in public and private organizational systems raises service level standards and transparency, stimulates innovation, improves decision making and increases efficiency and productivity.

Why choose the Digital Transformation?

Digital change is the right answer to the growing demand for market flexibility. It allows to provide customers with new efficient models of use of services, to optimize and make internal processes and those with partners scalable. Digital Transformation implies a redesign of processes, and must be accompanied by a path of Change Management, to overcome people’s normal resistance to change.

A little bit of history

Anyone who believes that the automation of business processes is a fairly recent phenomenon, linked exclusively to the diffusion of innovations in the IT field, is making a mistake. In fact, the need to introduce automatic processes in workflows dates back to the 19th century with the Industrial Revolution, when the advent of factories and machines radically transformed production systems by integrating automatic processes to improve the productivity of factories.

Cloud service for electronic invoicing and electronic orders

For sending and receiving electronic invoices.
Interzen is an intermediary accredited by the SDI (Interchange System).

For receiving and sending orders and other documents in electronic format.
Interzen is accredited by the NSO and is qualified as a Peppol Service Provider Access Point, at a European level.

Manage electronic invoices and orders without stress

You can find the solutions of the ZenShare Suite also on Microsoft Marketplaces

Start your innovation journey with ZenShare!
The advantages of ZenShare Suite.

The only Italian platform
based on Lead to Cash

Perfect integration with
ERP business systems

Cloud Solutions
flexible and customizable

High standards
of Cyber Security


High standards
of certification

Product and supporto
100% italian

Expertise and experience
for over 25 years

for Smart Working

the Cloud of ZenShare Suite

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider
  • Public Cloud Service
  • Highest certified quality
  • Data Center West Europe
  • CSP Category C
  • Scalable and customizable
  • Back Up geographically redundant
  • Disaster Recovery
Reduce costs, save time, eliminate problems.

The best choice to lighten your company from the burden of technological infrastructure.

SaaS service qualified by ACN, the National Cybersecurity Agency. Quality Cloud Services for Public Administrations

ZenShare Suite is present in the ACN Cloud Marketplace, the catalog of qualified Cloud services for the Public Administration.

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We help our customers to create value

providing the right information at the right time to the company's decision-makers, in order to give a timely and correct response to both internal and external customers.

President of Interzen Consulting

Why choose Interzen

You will be the center of our attention
We offer you advice, experience and expertise
We deal with digital transformation ...
and we have been doing it since 1996.

We take care of your business to guarantee you the complete supervision of the process Lead to Cash and the constant sharing of information among all those involved. We maximize the productivity of your company with the integrated and certificated solutionsof theSuite Zenshare, entirely Italian platform developed by Interzen Consulting. Highly qualified Digital Transformation professionals will accompany you throughout the analysis, implementation and monitoring process of the Zenshare solution that best suits your needs.

Solution implementation
Business Intelligence
Change Management
Support and Help desk

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