Astral Admin 17 November 2022

SECTOR:Public Administration

SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Workflow Edition

Astral Case History


  • the management, registration, research and conservation of documents often took place in a chaotic way, suffering slowdowns and inefficiencies due to the pre-existing system and the large quantity of both digital and paper documents waiting to be registered and archived;
  • operational inconveniences were also encountered in the sorting of documents to the relevant offices or managers and in the management of electronic invoices;
  • increasing levels of staff stress related to the difficulty of using the old system.


  • replacement of the previous document register system due to obsolescence;
  • registration of incoming/outgoing document flows, management of document files;
  • need for an appropriate authorization workflow management system;
  • digital archiving of the daily register in accordance with the law.


  • standardization and simplification of document flow management;
  • automation of the registration of incoming, outgoing and internal documents in compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • ensure secure and controlled access to documents;
  • greater transparency and administrative simplification.

Solution implemented
The ZenDMS Document Management System in its Workflow Edition with integrated digital preservation service in accordance with the AgID standard has made it possible to provide the customer with a single solution for document registration, their archiving and conservation in accordance with the law, rapid document sorting and efficient management of authorization workflows.

Company areas
Document Area / General services

Benefits obtained
ZenDMS has allowed significant savings both in terms of time and costs for carrying out normal administrative operations, always guaranteeing the highest levels of security. A significant improvement in efficiency levels was found thanks to the decommissioning of the old protocol system and the digitization of document processes, which also brought ample benefits in terms of quality of work and internal cooperation.