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Argo Consult

The perfect integration for a service company that operates by order About Argo Consult A national and international company from Abruzzo, it has been providing

Ibanway Case History

IBANWAY S.r.l. SECTOR: Technology and IT Services SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition Ibanway Case History Problem Difficulties in the registration of incoming and outgoing documents with


EnpamRE – Enpam Real Estate S.r.l. SECTOR: Real Estate SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition EnpamRE Case History Problem extreme confusion and disorder in the management, logging,

Pescara Multiservice

Document Registration System: the key to the efficient and transparent digitalisation of municipal companies. The case Pescara Multiservice About Pescara Multiservice Pescara Multiservice is a

PLT Energia Case History

PLT energia S.r.l. SECTOR: Energy SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition PLT Energia Case History Problem The registration of documents and incoming and outgoing emails was still

FP CGIL Case History

FP CGIL Roma e Lazio | Roma SUD Pomezia e Castelli SECTOR: Trade union Funzione Pubblica CGIL SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition FP CGIL Case History

GoInfoteam Case History

Infoteam S.r.l. SECTOR: Information Technology SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM, ZenDMS, ZenProject, ZenHR, ZenOrders. GoInfoteam Case History Problem DIRECTORAL AREA the speed and extent of the company’s growth


Astral S.p.A. SECTOR:Public Administration SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Workflow Edition Astral Case History Problem the management, registration, research and conservation of documents often took place in a


CAA – CIA SECTOR:Services SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition CAA CIA Case History Problem the document management area was characterized by multiple inconveniences, in particular as

Nuovo Teatro Donizetti Case History

Fondazione Teatro Donizetti SECTOR:Culture SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition Nuovo Teatro Donizetti Case History Problem difficulty in registering incoming and outgoing documents with ever-increasing quantities of

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