ZenCRM Sales Management Admin 1 August 2022

Sales Force Automation: Get efficient and advanced sales management

Effective management of the sales process generates consistent business growth. Companies that manage this process adequately, and put sellers in a position to be more efficient, see a 28% increase in turnover

SOURCE: Harvard Business Review
ZenCRM, un unico strumento per gestire le vendite e incrementare produttività e fatturato.

ZenCRM is the tool that allows you to get:


an efficient management of business opportunities


better performances of the sales force


more collaboration among employees


stronger relationships with customers


astrategic vision about the future of your company

A single tool to manage sales and increase productivity and turnover.

Icona Gestione Opportunità
Opportunity Management

Close your sales negotiations, managing and tracking relationships with contacts and customers.

Icona Gestione CPQ
CPQ and Quotation Management

Accurate and centralized estimates, through an automatic configuration and quotation (CPQ) process.

Icona Gestione Ricavi Ricorrenti
Recurring revenue management

Improve the profitability of your company, exploiting the opportunities accrued on recurring customers.

Icona Gestione Campioni
Sampling management

Strengthen the propensity to purchase of your customers,optimizing sample management.

Icona Gestione Agenda
Agenda management

Increase the productivity of your salespeople, facilitating the planning of their daily activities.

Contacts geolocation

Improve the efficiency and mobility of your salespeople on the territory with the geolocation of contacts.

Icona Report Visita
Visit report

Gain strategic insight into future business activities, collecting information from your customers.

Asset Inventory

Anticipate customer needs and wants through the quantitative and qualitative analysis of their assets.

Icona Proposta Economica
Economic proposals

Automatically generate precise and focused offer documents according to each sales situation.

Icona Dashboard

Monitor the entire sales area and access the corporate core quickly and centrally.

Competitor analysis

Cancel the competitive advantage of the competition, manage information strategically.

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