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Reduce costs, save time, eliminate problems:

To reduce costs and increase the scalability of our company, we have chosen to move to cloud micro services on Microsoft Azure:an asset that simplifies software development while reducing costs for customers.

Through Pipeline,Microsoft’s partner company for training, we have achieved true innovation and total scalability of services, infrastructure and performance.

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Service continuity

The ZenShare Cloud Suite relieves the customer entirely of all the duties of those who manage a server-farm for hosting web-based software platforms. All activities – both ordinary and extraordinary – related to the management of both the software platform and the technological infrastructure on which it works are entirely entrusted to Interzen and the reference Cloud Service Provider, for their respective areas of expertise.

Interzen, as the vendor house that owns the ZenShare Cloud Suite, operates in a coordinated manner in several areas:

  • Developing and make periodic updates of the application functions of the ZenShare Cloud Suite available to its customers aimed at eliminating any malfunctions, increasing the level of application security, improving overall usability and introducing new functions and application modules;
  • Periodically monitoring ZenShare Suite Cloud security to guarantee the highest possible levels;
  • Constantly monitoring the operating conditions of the technological infrastructure of the reference Cloud Service Provider on which the ZenShare Cloud Suite is installed to ensure that the level of service offered to its customers constantly meets the standard set by the contract;
  • Coordinating with the Cloud Service Provider to request ordinary/extraordinary support activities in managing the security and service level of the ZenShare Cloud Suite.


The ZenShare Cloud Suite is able to meet the needs of a wide range of business types, from SME to large companies.

In the start-up phase, activation times are very short because the software platform does not require any installation, but simple standardized activities:

  • Analysis of customer needs, collected through interviews and exchanges of information with company representatives, subsequently elaborated by Interzen consultants and structured in a document shared with the customer in order to thoroughly dissect the customer’s need;
  • Configuration of the ZenShare Cloud Suite so that it can, consistently with the analysis document shared and approved by the customer, fully respond to the management of data, documents and business processes;
  • Training for end users of the ZenShare Cloud Suite, through remote/live sessions in which to train individuals in the use of the software platform for the execution of business processes shared with the customer in the preliminary analysis document.
  • After its adoption in the company, the ZenShare Cloud Suite offers the customer extreme flexibility where a change in business needs arises:
  • As for the number of users operating on the software platform, the activation and configuration times for new users are very low; equally agile is the online training method through remote sessions (web-conference) to allow new users to be operational in a reasonably short time;
  • As for the adaptation of the IT resources dedicated to the ZenShare Cloud Suite (modification of the disk space available in the case of Cloud Standard customers, modification of the system resources available in the case of Cloud Premium customers), also in this case the intervention times of Interzen and of entry into operation of the changes requested by the customer are on average short.


  • Differentiated management of 3 areas of consent to the processing of personal data (commercial, marketing, profiling)
  • Notify DPO/GDPR manager user of consents to the processing of personal data close to expiration
  • Accessible web page from the single lead/contact for the autonomous management of one’s consent to the processing of personal data in the 3 commercial, marketing, profiling areas
  • Setting of the user with DPO/GDPR manager role,as the only administrator in the ZenShare Cloud Suite of the panel for the settings required by the GDPR.


When the customer has special needs, Interzen is available to open a dedicated project, which can be alternatively traced back to two different types of intervention:

  • introducing new features in the ZenShare Cloud Suite, consistent with the pre-existing ones and able to increase the general service level of the platform;
  • integrating the ZenShare Cloud Suite with the customer’s IT systems for one/two-way exchange of data and documents, both in real and deferred time.
Certifications, Information Security and Backup
Service provider
Cloud service type
Public Cloud
Cloud Service Provider Certifications
Location of data centers used
Security levels adopted by the service provider
Service provider data redundancy
ISO 27017:2015 – Cloud Services. Defines advanced controls for cloud service providers and customers, clarifies roles and responsibilities of stakeholders with the aim of ensuring information security in the cloud environment.
ISO 27018:2019 – Protection of information that allows personal identification in public clouds. It provides a set of specific controls with a "privacy by design" approach to manage the main issues, both legal and contractual, related to the management of personal data in public cloud environments.
Interzen has adopted pfSense®, a firewall recognized as one of the most powerful, secure and reliable.
Virtual Machine backup procedure:
1. Frequency: every 4 hours.
2. Storage mode: GRS geographic redundancy (GEO-REDUNDANT-STORAGE). Synchronously copy data three times within a single physical location in the primary region using locally redundant storage. It asynchronously copies the data to a single physical location in the secondary region. Within the secondary region, data is copied synchronously three times using locally redundant storage.
3. Primary Area: West Europe (Netherlands).
4. Secondary Area : North Europe (Ireland).
5. Retention Backup: 15 days
Disaster Recovery
Virtual Machine Disaster Recovery procedure:
1. Mode: Cross Region Restore.
2. Redundancy: geographic (Geo-Redundancy Storage, GRS). Synchronous replication of data stored in Azure to a different physical location (sub-region).
3. Location of the data center used for Disaster recovery: North Europe (Ireland) .
RTO (Recovery Time Objective, the time required for system recovery): 2 business days (minimum time)
RPO (Recovery Point Objective, maximum amount of data - expressed in hours - that the company loses following the occurrence of a disastrous event, since it is not part of the normal cyclical back-up procedure): 4 hours (maximum time)
Operating system
Microsoft Forefront antivirus
Virtual server
Access to virtual servers takes place via a VPN and using a user profile strictly sized according to monitoring and maintenance needs.
Interzen cyber security
As part of the ACN Cloud Marketplace qualification process, Interzen has validated its data security and privacy management levels of the ZenShare Cloud Suite at the Cloud Security Alliance's STAR Registry (Security, Trust, Assurance, and Risk).
Authentication system
Proprietary authentication system. It is the system that binds the access password of the individual user to the following rules:
1. Expires on the first authentication on the ZenShare platform;
2. Minimum length of 8 characters;
3. Periodic expiry every 3 months;
4. Prohibition of reuse of the last 5 passwords;
5. Password complexity constraints:
  • ban on the use of username in the password;
  • at least one capital letter;
  • at least one lowercase letter;
  • at least one number;
  • at least one symbol among these: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) (use uppercase/lowercase letter, number, symbol, prohibit username);
6. Blocking the user after 5 failed attempts;
7. User lockout after 90/180 days of inactivity.
Interfacing with external systems. Possibility of delegating the management of ZenShare user access through the Single Sign On procedure with other systems:
1. Microsoft (Azure Active Directory);
2. Google (Google account);
3. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol);
4.CAS (Central Authentication Service).
IP Filtering
1. Ability to set rules to allow/block access to ZenShare Suite based on IP address and subnet mask.
2. Logged in users. Possibility to view all users authenticated on the ZenShare Suite with the following data: surname, first name, role, IP address, last access made.
Database and document encryption (optional)
1.Database. Data encryption key in turn encrypted by an algorithm for an additional level of security. The data remains encrypted in the database and its decryption takes place only when it is displayed.
2. Documents. Encryption and decryption by private key.
HTTPS Protocol
The HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (over Secure Socket Layer) is an Internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of the data exchanged between the ZenShare Suite and the hardware (PC, tablet, smartphone) of the user accessing it. SSL certificate provided by Network Solutions LLC.
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