Gantt and Kanban Board Admin 24 October 2022

GANTT and Kanban board management: keep an eye on times and use of resources.

Plan, manage and track your projects with ZenProject's strategic Gantt and Kanban board features

Gantt of Zen-Project allows you to graphically view activities and resources related to your projects, providing you with a clear and structured overview of the time frame, the relationships between activities and the overall progress of the project.

A clear and interactive picture of the time frame used for a specific order with its breakdown into phases,
activities and tasks.

Mark completed tasks
View ongoing activities
Track overall progress
Identify delays or deviations from initial planning
Gantt Gantt of Zen-Project is the visual tool to monitor the progress of your projects
Times and activities always under control

Identify and organize in a logical sequence the activities required to complete a project. Show graphically the start and finish of each task making it easy to track due dates and task overlaps

Optimize your resources

the correct resources to each activity: personnel, equipment or budget and effectively manage the sequence of execution. Optimize and balance resource usage by avoiding waste or overload.

A coordinated and efficient team

Improve coordination and communication between team members and external stakeholders, thanks to the clear and intuitive visual representation of tasks and deadlines.

Kanban Board Track the progress of your projects and identify priorities with the ZenProject Kanban board

Do you want to always have your projects and activities under control?

Kanban Board is a virtual bulletin board that gives the user a visual representation of tasks by allowing for a total check on the progress of tasks.

Facilitates workflow management

Improve Team communication and efficiency, providing an immediate overview of the activities to be done, of the activities in progress and those completed with the strategic features of Zen-Project.

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