ZenCRM Marketing Managment Admin 29 July 2022

A complete set of features, to manage the marketing process efficiently and in an integrated way.

Marketing Automation solutions allow companies to optimize, automate and measure marketing objectives and workflows, increasing operational efficiency and profits.

gestione marketing

The Marketing Automation process is based on email marketing campaigns and is made up of the following steps:


Sending the NEWSLETTER to the selected and segmented database


Click on theCALL TO ACTION included in the Newsletter


Filling out the contact form in theLANDING PAGE ad hoc


Registration of theNEW LEAD acquired in the Landing Page


ANALYSISof the campaign and browsing behaviour

ZenCRM is the intelligent tool capable of managing all stages of this process.

A response to the growing diffusion ofthe inbound Marketing, the innovative approach to the digital Marketing which allows companies to better manage relationships with existing and potential customers. In contrast to Outbound Marketing, the new vision of Digital Marketing is based on the creation and dissemination of relevant and valuable content for the specific target audience. Web content becomes vital for companies because they attract the audience and accompany it throughout theFunnel path:

User > Lead > Prospect > Customer > Referral > Promoter > Testimonial

With ZenCRM you can supervise each of these conversion stages!

  • ATTRACT, through the creation of relevant and valuable content for the reference audience and coherently distributed on the platforms where our target orbits.

  • CONVERT, turns the simple user into aLead obtaining specific information such as personal data and contact info. Even in this phase, valuable content plays a decisive role in the conversion process.

  • MONETIZE, turn the Lead intoa customer through a process aimed at creating arelationship based on trust, authority and relevance. In this phase, the synergistic and strategic use of the various tools is essential: Marketing automation, Lead Nurturing, Social Media, keyword advertising campaigns, SEO activities, etc..

  • DELIGHT , continue to offer value to customers even after the sale. Never make the mistake of abandoning a customer after you’ve acquired it. This way you can continue to make other conversions and become promoter andtestimonial of the company.
Raccolta Lead
Lead Collection

Automatically manage the collection of new leads, quickly creating online registration forms.

Visite Web
Web visits

more about who is interested
to your products,
source data
about visitors.

Gestione Lead
Lead Management

Nurture and grow new opportunities,
with efficient lead management tools.

Target List
Target List

Manage your target lists, select your audience
and increase the engagement of your audience.

Digital Marketing

Plan and implement the best Lead Generation strategies through the Inbound Marketing.

Segmentation management

Rank strategically leads and contacts in detail.

Gestione Campagne
Campaign Management

Communicate more effectively and engagingly, through direct marketing tools.

marketing automation
Automated Marketing

Plan your email campaigns andacquire
automatically new customers.

Lead scoring
Lead Scoring

Measure the interest
of your lead,
giving them a score
based on their behaviors.

Product Management

Efficiently manage product information with catalogs always updated.

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