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Zen E-Orders, the Cloud platform for managing sales orders received from the PA via NSO and the PEPPOL network


Accelerate the digitization process of your business with the total automation of NSO-Peppol processes.

From receipt to sorting of orders and electronic delivery notes (DN).

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Zen E-Orders is part of the Zen E-Invoice Services Cloud Services Suite and can be used modularly both in Portal mode and in Gateway mode.

Zen E-Orders

For a complete management of the process of sending/receiving electronic orders, delivery notes, response notifications and data normalization for inclusion in the management system

Zen E-Orders

Integration service via Web Services for ERP producers for receiving and sending electronic orders bypassing the Zen E-Orders portal

Thanks to an advanced function, which provides for integration with the ERP, it is possible to pre-process orders to normalize them, before they are sent to the management system and make them available in the correct format, considerably reducing order processing times and margins of error.

Zen E-Orders, the Interzen Cloud platform for the complete management of the sales order cycle received from the Public Administration through the NSO (Nodo Smistamento Ordini) and the Peppol network

Sending/Receiving Electronic Orders
Normalization of Electronic Orders data for inclusion in the management system (advanced functionality)
Management of electronic delivery notes and delivery notifications/receipts

The Nodo Smistamento Ordini (NSO) verify the formal correctnessof documents created and subsequently used for invoicing and payment.
Documents arrive, are checked and routed to customers and suppliers in digital mode.
An innovative system for validation and transmission of electronic documents certifyingthe order and the execution of purchases of goods and services by the Public Administration.

The PEPPOLnetworkis the fundamental platform for theexchange of electronic document invoices to the PA inEurope

It cuts bureaucracy and reduces the costs of issuing, transmitting and storing electronic documents thanks above all to the use of a common certified format, XML (Extensible Markup Language)which allows the standardization of documents.

An essential tool towards a single European digital market.

The Nodo Smistamento Ordini (NSO) isthe system for the validation and transmission of electronic documents certifying the ordering and execution of purchases of goods and services from the public administration”, according to the definition of the MEF, Ministry of Economy and Finance.
Il Nodo Smistamento Ordini gestisce in via telematica:

  • the exchange of all purchase orders for goods and services of entities of the National Health Service
  • execution documents, such as delivery notes (DN).

The NSO also verifies that the documents transmitted are correctly set up and that they contain all the information necessary for their subsequent use in the billing and payment phases.
From 1 February 2020 for all entities of the National Health Service has becomemandatorythesending purchase orders relating to goods, such as medicines or medical devices, via the Order Sorting Node.
The obligation to place an electronic order via NSO is manifested for the following subjects:

  • Public Administration or National Health Service Bodies who purchase goods and/or services;
  • Intermediaries, i.e. those who make purchases on behalf of the National Health System
  • Suppliersof the entities of the National Health Service

The PEPPOL network (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) was born in 2008 with the aim of facilitating e-procurement processes.
In fact, joining this network allows you to manage all the documents of the purchasing cycle (Order, Transport Documents and Invoice) using the same format and transport infrastructure between customer and supplier both nationally, European and internationally.

The PEPPOL network offers a safe and standardized environment to facilitate the commercialelectronic document exchanges among organizations in Europe, improving efficiency, transparency and access to the public market.

To sign up on the Peppol network, you need to choose a PEPPOL intermediary, i.e. an Access Point that will act as an intermediary with the Access Points of the other members of the PEPPOL network with whom you intend to exchange documents.
Any organization through a PEPPOL certified service provider can operate on the PEPPOL network.
An intermediary with the qualification of Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) can enable receipt of business documents by end users.

The supplierSMP, PEPPOL certified, registersthe participants on the PEPPOL network by assigning them aunique PEPPOL IDe associando a ciascuno di essi le tipologie di documento in grado di ricevere.
The PEPPOL network is based on theXML standard (Extensible Markup Language) and allows the standardization of commercial document formats and facilitates the exchange of information between the parties involved.

According to MEF numbers, in 2022 8.5 million electronic ordershave been processedwith an increase of +17% compared to 2021 with an average of 33,000 daily orders. Compared to the orders received and accepted, the 91% falls under the transmission scenario and only 9% in the validation scenario, chosen mainly by the Emilia-Romagna region, which has already been using the PEPPOL network for several years to exchange all the documents of the order cycle within the Regional Health Service.

Are you a supplier company of the National Health Service?

Zen E-Orders is the Cloud platform for complete automation of the sales order cycle through Nodo Smistamento Ordini (NSO) and PEPPOL networkin total safety

Sen and receiveelectronic ordes and delivery notesto all Peppol intermediaries and towards theNodo Smistamento Ordini of the PA

Exchange documents compliant with national and European standards

The application solution of the ZenShare Suite which guarantees to the suppliers of the National Health Service and to other Public Administrations the receipt and sending of documents certifying orders for goods and services and sending of delivery notes(DN) in accordance with the established standards.
Zen E-Orders for acomplete automation of NSO-Peppol processes in complete safety

Zen E-Orders manages the 3 types of electronic orders required by the NSO:

  • SIMPLE: the electronic order is sent via NSO by the Public Body
  • COMPLETE: reply messages are also managed via NSO
  • PRE-AGREED: the supplier sends the order to NSO on the basis of an agreement made

in addition

  • ELECTRONIC DELIVERY NOTES with related notifications.

INTERZEN is a certified and accredited partner.

Besides being NSO accredited intermediary,Interzen has the qualification of Access Point provider (AP) and ofService Metadata Publisher (SMP) in the Peppol network. The Zen E-Orders module is natively integrated into the Interzen ZenShare Suite (CRM, DMS and Project Management) and can be integrated with third party systems.


Safety and top performance with AZURE CLOUD MICROSOFT


Electronic orders, Delivery notes (DN)Order acceptance, rejection or change responses, Electronic invoicing


Accredited intermediary NSO and SDI, OpenPeppol Member, qualified ACCESS POINT SMP


Integration with Interzen's ZenShare Suite and possibility of integration with third party systems via Web Services


Ideal for end customers, ERP producers, accounting management.

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to your needs


Reception and sending of Electronic Orders in the Italian NSO network


Receiving and sending Electronic Orders in the European PEPPOL network


Sending electronic delivery notes (DN)


Digital erchiving of Electronic Orders and electronic delivery notes


Includes the features of the STANDARD mode plus:


Activation of the Business Contact Management (BCM) area for the integration of personal data


Functionality of normalization of Electronic Orders and DdT


Integration with management / ERP for master data and orders and DdT received

Integration service via Web Services for ERP producers

It is possible to directly integrate the Interzen Gateway for receiving and sending electronic orders and delivery notes, bypassing the Zen E-Orders application.

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