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Tipi di supporto
Supporto Gold Manutenzione Applicativo

Manutenzione Applicativo

The Gold support includes updates (so-called Software Assurance) and technical support for Software malfunction.
Software Assurance guarantees the availability of new software versions at no additional cost. It requires, to be quoted separately based on the complexity of the update, professional services for the software update activity (with the exception of the Cloud service).
Support and maintenance ensure the resolution of bugs and other system malfunctions.
Formally the bug must be reported to Interzen via e-mail by writing to support@interzen.it.
Interzen will provide the bug fixing activity and will release the patch with the removal of the bug on the established date.

Supporto Platinum Manutenzione e Supporto Applicativo

Supporto Applicativo

The Platinum Support includes the same services as Gold with the addition of application support. The application support is different from the previous point as it provides for a support activity for the use of the application object of the contract.
For example, the customer could request explanations on some features for which he does not remember how they work, or he could request how to carry out configuration or extraordinary maintenance interventions. This support is provided by telephone. Therefore, by application support we mean the support provided by Interzen to the Customer in the use of the application. This support is complementary to (and in addition to) the fee for Software Assurance and for support for software malfunctions (Gold Support).
By way of example, the application support covers the following activities provided by Interzen:

  • Customer support for post-release system configuration (this latest activity is charged to the customer)
  • Customer support for small and brief training requests on the use of the system.
  • Support to the customer for the extraordinary maintenance of the system (the latter activity to be paid by the customer).

If the telephone support is not sufficient to respond to the customer’s needs and requests but intervention on the application is required by Interzen, the intervention (the effort) will be estimated in terms of hours and costs, and this will be communicated to customer through an intervention form which will highlight the type of intervention required, implementation times and costs. The customer must accept the intervention form.
All requests that do not fall within the previous points and that require an intervention on the code are configured as evolutionary changes, and will be quoted separately. A quotation of the man days needed to implement the requested changes will be made, to which a daily rate will be applied.

You can take advantage of the Platinum support by subscribing and contracting a package of days. Interventions will be provided by request of the customer.

The customer can communicate the request for intervention to Interzen via email message, Microsoft Office document, or using its own IT systems, subject to verification of their compliance with the requirements set out in its Quality Management System by Interzen.

For all modifications lasting no longer than 1 working day, the effort communicated by Interzen in response to the request for intervention sent by the customer is considered tacitly accepted in the absence of formal acceptance by the customer after 3 working days. For all changes lasting longer than 1 working day, written acceptance by the customer via e-mail is required.

At the end of the intervention, the time taken will be communicated if it is not possible to estimate it before the intervention itself. A document summarizing the interventions carried out in the previous month will be sent to the customer.

The billing of the interventions takes place every month at the end of the month. Minimum billable fraction: 1 hour.

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