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Manage your projects in an integrated way

The power of Project Management

Project Management is a process of planning, coordinating and controlling resources in order to achieve the objectives of a project
project. It provides a systematic approach to successfully managing complex projects, both small and large.

Introduzione Project Management

From idea to success: Project Management as a winning key

Project Management helps to precisely define project objectives by allowing the whole team to have a common vision of what needs to be achieved, facilitating project planning and execution.

Detailed planning of activities, resources and time required to achieve project objectives. It follows an optimization in the use of available resources and a reduction of the risks of overloading or underutilization of the same.

Project Management involves identifying and managing the risks associated with the project. It is therefore possible to foresee potential problems and take timely corrective measures to mitigate the negative impacts.

Specific Project Management tools allow you to constantly monitor the progress of the project, highlighting any deviations and allowing the adoption of corrective actions.

Project Management fosters clear and consistent communication between team members, clients and other stakeholders. This facilitates the exchange of crucial information and troubleshooting quickly and efficiently.

Project Management helps optimize the use of available resources, such as time, money, personnel and equipment. This helps to avoid waste and maximize efficiency in project execution.

Project Management involves cost estimation, budget creation and monitoring of actual expenses and allows you to have project costs under control and to take corrective measures in case of significant deviations.

Project Management offers a methodological approach to successfully manage complex projects, ensuring greater control, clarity of objectives, optimization of resources and an improvement in overall quality.


ZenProject is the Project Management solution of the ZenShare Suite.

Resource and workflow management
Control on performance level
Information management and control
Definition of any corrective actions
Evaluation of budget variance

All in one solution integrated

ZenProject is the Project Management solution that allows you to manage projects and orders in an integrated way. You will easily:

automatically open a job order starting directly from the quotation (CPQ) converted into a contract
plan without difficulty phases of activities and tasks of each project
set budgets and implementation times
drastically reduce errors
– keep times and actual costs within the estimated limits
control the marginality of the order
manage purchase requests and order
intercept any critical issues and negotiate corrective actions
– facilitate Smart Working

Project Management
Strategic features for a global vision and precise control over the progress of the job orders and features to manage projects from A to Z
Job Order management
Keep the progress projects under control

Specific and fully usable features thanks to a simple and comprehensive interface for organizing and managing orders

WBS and Task management
Check the progress of projects

Features designed for the planning of phases, activities, tasks, the optimal allocation of resources and the definition of times and deadlines.

Gantt and Kanban board
Keep an eye on time and resource usage

The tools for achieving a coordinated and effective management of resources during the implementation of the entire project.

Improve resource productivity

Detection of the daily activities carried out by each resource, verification of progress, performance measurement.

You can manage projects with the Scrum method

A fully featured module to process and manage with Scrum method, Product Backlog, Team, Resources, Sprint and Burndown Chart.

Maximize the strategic and operational efficiency of ZenProject and ZenCRM with the optional ZenHR module

Thanks to its complete integration into ZenPROJECT and ZenCRM solutions, the ZenHR module allows you to:

  • Plan every single task of an order considering absences for holidays or permits by providing reliable dates of completion of the task
  • Report with extreme precision the hours actually worked on the orders taking into account any absences from work for holidays or permits. This allows you to accurately measure profitability on a single task
  • Monitor productivity, costs and margins of each resource Monitor already scheduled absences and appointments of your colleagues for efficient planning of meetings and meetings
  • Easy reporting
  • Maximum precision
  • Complete cost and variance control
  • Meeting planning without surprises

Optimize your company's Human Resource Management processes with the ZenHR Add-on module

Remember. A good project management wastes no one's time and improves productivity by creating a culture of continuous enhancement

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