SDI/NSO/Peppol Admin 14 September 2022

A brief description of the systems dedicated to the exchange of electronic invoices and orders and with which Interzen has been accredited.

The Interexchange System

SDI, the acronym of interexchange system is the IT system used by the revenue agency to manage the telematic flow deriving from electronic invoicing.
This system verifies the correctness of the fundamental elements of the invoices, carrying out checks on the data entered, before forwarding them to the final recipients.
The Interexchange System deals with:

  • receiving invoices in the form of XML files
  • performing formal checks on received files
  • forward the invoices to the recipient public administrations, to private customers or VAT number holders

Interzen is Sogei SDI accredited intermediary for Electronic Invoicing for both BTB (Private) and for the PA. Receiver code: PBV3TR8

Nodo Smistamento Ordini

The Nodo Smistamento Ordini (NSO) is the system through which public administrations and suppliers, also with the help of intermediaries, exchange electronic documents certifying the order for the purchase of goods and services. NSO, therefore, manages the exchange of purchase orders (and any other documents that may be required) between customers and suppliers.

In addition to providing for their delivery, NSO verifies that the documents transmitted have been correctly formatted and that they contain all the information necessary for their subsequent use in the billing and payment phases.
Interzen is an intermediary accredited by Sogei (the 100% Information Technology company of the Ministry of Economy and Finance) for receiving and sending electronic orders
(intermediary code NSO GTLWJSS6).


Peppol stand for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line. It is a European project funded by the European Commission, which aims at standardizing order management processes, or rather the way in which information regarding purchase orders is structured and exchanged.

Since November 2021, the State Accounting Office has formalized the mandatory nature of Peppol technical specifications, specifications that have been implemented by AgID (the Agency for Digital Italy), as PEPPOL Authority in our country.

In fact, to take advantage of Peppol, the supplier companies of the Public Administration must use Access Points accredited by AgID, or obtain the qualification of Service Provider and therefore, in essence, the status of intermediary to transmit and receive order documents via NSO (Nodo Smistamento Ordini).

Interzen has obtained the qualification of Access Point provider (AP) and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP), becoming a full Service Provider Access Point Peppol, at European level, for receiving and sending orders in electronic format.

More specifically, Interzen Consulting appears in the official PEPPOL lists as:

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