ZenDMS Document Registration System Admin 1 September 2022

What is the Digital Document Registration System?

The document registration, also known as digital document registration, is a document management and archiving system that replaces traditional paper records. With the spread of new technologies, the registration of documents represents a step forward in the dematerialisation of documents, offering a fundamental service to guarantee regulatory compliance and transparency.
Registration recording is one of the most important functions in archive management and its use brings significant advantages in terms of process efficiency for any organization:

  • Streamlining of internal procedures
  • Automation in sorting, collating and archiving documents
  • Reduction of times and errors compared to traditional registration
  • Optimization of the entire document workflow
ZenDMS Protocollo Informatico

In addition to these operational advantages, the use of a software for document registration contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing paper consumption through the elimination of paper records and the use of digital signatures.
A Document Registration System must ensure security, including user authentication, authorized access to information and documents, tracking of changes and responsible users. This is why it is essential to choose a qualified solution that complies with document management regulations.

The Document Registation System of ZenDMS

ZenDMS is the Cloud solution qualified by ACN, the National Cybersecurity Agency, which integrates the Document Registration with the document management system.
Through the use of the qualified ACN (Cloud Service Provider) Microsoft Azure digital infrastructure, ZenDMS guarantees very high performance and levels of security for both public administrations and private companies:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • regolar Back up
  • System redundancy

In addition to recording correspondence, quickly archiving documents and automating approval processes, the ZenDMS documents registation platform will be able to offer its users automatic recognition and indexing of document content, improving ease of search, thanks to the soon-to-be-implemented Artificial Intelligence.

The Document Regiatration for Public Administration

In Public Administration, digital archiving is mandatory. Electronic documents must be preserved through the adoption of specific rules, procedures and technologies aimed at guaranteeing the accessibility, usability, authenticity and availability of documents and electronic files.

ZenDMS offers a complete solution by relying on qualified certifying partners who comply with current regulations, including the obligations to send the daily register for digital archiving.

The latest Agid guidelines for the 2024-2026 three-year plan emphasize the importance of a “Cloud First” approach and digital services to make the 23,000 Public Administrations in Italy more efficient. Artificial Intelligence was also introduced in the Agid Three-Year Plan, a further signal of the importance of the digitalisation of the public sector in order to better respond to the needs of institutions and citizens.

Istat, in the Business and ICT report published in 2022, also highlighted the gap on the part of Italian companies in adopting Cloud solutions. A first turning point came with the advent of electronic invoicing but the road towards digitalisation is still long.

Il Protocollo Informatico obbligatorio per la Pubblica Amministrazione
The Digital Document Registration for private companies

The management of a large quantity of documents, including invoices, contracts, emails and general correspondence involves a significant amount of operations even for those who work in the private sector.
ZenDMS simplifies and automates document management, reducing costs and risks. At the same time, it offers a high level of security with preventive measures for disaster recovery, regular backups and system redundancy to ensure operational continuity.
With the increase in regulations regarding document archiving and data security, it is also essential for private companies to adopt a solution that ensures regulatory compliance and simplifies documentation management.

Functionality of the ZenDMS Document Registration System

The numerous features offered by the ZenDMS Document Registration System allows you to manage all document flows in a simple, fast and automated way

to effectively manage incoming and outgoing digital or paper documentation.

for monitoring and immediate archiving of messages ensuring fast and accurate logging.

of email messages, enriched with metadata for complete and precise cataloging without any manual intervention.

via an intuitive interface that allows rapid viewing of information for logging.

digital on registered PDF documents, containing the protocol signature with the main registration information.

both towards individual users and entire offices, with integrated management of assignments.

senders and recipients to quickly select the records during protocol recording.

of registered documents based on all metadata entered during registration, such as unique registration number, sender, recipient, subject and registration date.

in the digital preservation of tax documents, certified e-mails, daily protocol registers and other relevant documents.

Discover all the features of the ZenDMS Document Registration System
  • Assignment of the unique progressive number
  • Printing paper and digital barcode labels (applying a watermark to files in PDF format)
  • Print registration receipt
  • Integration with PEC/email boxes
  • Address book of senders and recipients
  • Multi-agency management
  • Management of more than one Homogeneous Organizational Area
  • Management of more then one Responsible Organizational Unit
  • Editing additional metadata in protocol records
  • Management of the emergency protocol
  • Management of daily and annual registers
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • ACL management (Access Control List, user permissions for access to protocol recordings)
  • Management of the classification holder
  • File management
  • Automatic archiving of registered documents
  • Management of attachments to protocol recording
  • Management of manual and automatic sorting
  • Management of acknowledgment or rejection of the document and new forwarding of the sorted document
  • Personal desk of all documents still to be worked on
  • Graphic designer for the intuitive generation and management of approval workflows
  • Management of approvers groups
  • Management of approval methods (single, majority, unanimity, selection or other)
  • Management of email notifications of workflow status steps
  • Track-log of the documents in approval
  • Approval process monitoring dashboard
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