ZenDMS document management Admin 14 July 2022

Get more effective and trackable document processes.


ZenDMS is the optimal solution for document management, process automation and documents registering

With ZenDMS, the Document Management System of ZenShare Suite,the optimal solution for document management, the management of document flows and the IT protocol become a strong point and acquire a strategic function: starting from the documents, in fact, it is possible to intervene on the management of the processes, making them more effective and monitorable.
How? Through specific features that are divided into different functional areas of ZenDMS document management, documents registration, document workflow, digital preservation.
Gestione documentale
Advanced features to meet every need in the documental field.
Document management Dematerialize your document flows

Optimal management of document flows. Editing, sharing, versioning, digital signature in full compliance with legal requirements and market standards.

Documents Register System Simplify and automate the registration of documents

Registration, archiving, classification, assignment and sorting of incoming, outgoing and internal mail for public administration and private companies.

Document Workflow Automate approval processes

Management of the approval processes of documents, with multiple types of approval process: by majority, unanimity or by selection.

Graphic Designer Easy design for your approval workflow

A dynamic, advanced and alternative tool to the usual interfaces, for building approval processes in a visual, rapid and extremely intuitive way.

Digital archiving Eliminate paper and rationalize your spaces

Documents in digital format are not perishable and are available over time in all their integrity and authenticity.

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