ZenDMS document management Admin 14 July 2022

Get more effective and trackable document processes.


Efficiency and monitoring with ZenDMS, the advanced document management system

ZenDMS, an integral part of the ZenShare Suite, stands out as a strategic strength, making the management of document flows and document register system key elements in the company strategy.
Through advanced features in the areas of document management, IT protocol, document workflow and digital preservation, ZenDMS offers a complete approach to document management.
Gestione documentale
Advanced features to meet every need in the documental field.
Document management Dematerialize document flows

With advanced features, the ZenDMS Cloud platform responds to every document need, ensuring optimal management of document flows. Dematerialization, modification, sharing, versioning and digital signature in total compliance with legal regulations and market standards.

Documents Register System For simple, secure and automatic logging

In line with best practices, ZenDMS simplifies and automates document registering, managing the registration, classification, archiving and sorting of incoming and outgoing correspondence in a secure and efficient manner.

Document Workflow Automate approval processes

ZenDMS stands out for the automation of approval processes, offering different types of approval process (majority, unanimous or selection). Its innovative Graphic Designer allows for the visual, rapid and intuitive construction of approval workflows.

Graphic Designer Easy design for your approval workflow

A dynamic, advanced and alternative tool to the usual interfaces, for building approval processes in a visual, rapid and extremely intuitive way.

Digital archiving Eliminate paper and rationalize your spaces

Embracing innovation, ZenDMS offers digital preservation to eliminate paper and rationalize spaces, guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of documents over time.

ZenDMS is positioned as the ideal choice for those seeking efficiency, security and complete integration of document processes.

Cloud innovation with Microsoft Azure

Your documents are always safe: guaranteed disaster recovery, back-up every 4 hours in different regions, system redundancy.

National cybersecurity for the Public Administration and presence on the ACN Cloud Marketplace.

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