Banca CF+ Admin 5 October 2022

Banking group specialized in corporate financing solutions.

SECTOR: Financing, Factoring, Tax credits

SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS and Document Workflow

Banca CF+ Case History

The considerable amount of paper documentation, the difficulty of managing correspondence correctly, the lack of sharing and adequate digital preservation of the documents themselves, jeopardized the efficiency and productivity of the client.

It was therefore necessary to use an advanced system for the dematerialisation, management, sorting and digital storage of documents and correspondence in accordance with the law.

The aim was to achieve a global improvement in company performance through:

  • the elimination of paper documentation;
  • the optimization of document management;
  • the reduction of document archiving and storage costs;
  • digital archiving of documents according to law.

Solution implemented

ZenDMS, Document Management solution, has allowed us to proceed with a massive digitization. The flexibility of the solution has allowed a high level of integration and the possibility of providing ad hoc functions for the specific needs expressed by the customer.

With ZenDMS it was possible to manage:

  • documents and ordinary correspondence thanks to a particular integration with Postel, which after the scanning and classification phase is made available within ZenDMS to users and offices for publication, processing and sorting operations;
  • archiving of secured finance practices, through integration with the existing management system;
  • the register of complaints and the register of complaints (i.e. of complaints from the Bank of Italy) and consequently the entire flow of opening, assigning, managing and closing the complaints themselves;
  • the digital conservation phase in accordance with the law about accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Company areas
General services, administration.

Benefits obtained

ZenDMS, has provided a quick and effective solution to the problems complained by the customer.
The result of having significant control over the numerous document flows managed and of increasing the levels of effectiveness and efficiency of the company processes was thus achieved.