Cerved Group Admin 7 October 2022
Cerved Group sceglie il CRM e il Workflow documentale di ZenShare - Case study

SECTOR: Finance and insurance

SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM, ZenDMS Workflow Edition

Cerved Group Case History

Corporate document management was made increasingly difficult by increasing amounts of material that required adequate archiving. The management of the approval flow of passive invoices was also problematic.
In marketing and sales it was increasingly frequent that new opportunities were lost due to inefficient and disorganized management of sales negotiations and that the very efficiency of the entire sales area was called into question by the absence of an efficient system of management of the lead to cash process.


  • Manage and archive company documents.
  • An integrated account and portfolio management system for managing the approval flow of account payables.
  • Manage all sales negotiations in the best possible way, without the risk of losing opportunities.
  • Coordinate the people who worked within Cerved Credit Management Group – Assets Division
  • Historicize all the information and relationships that are maintained with customers and prospects.
  • Coordinate Fairs and Events.


  • Restore order and transparency in the management of document flows.
  • Improve the performance of the marketing area and the sales area for a more efficient and modern management of the entire lead to cash process

Implemented solution
ZenCRM, the Customer Relationship Management solution of ZenShare Suite, also following its integration with the management system already in use at the customer, has solved the problems that weakened the work of marketing and sales employees. ZenDMS in Workflow Edition, solution for the management of document flows, for its part allowed an effective and systematic archiving of documents and a more efficient management of the approval flows of payable invoices.

Company Areas
Administration, Marketing and Sales

Benefits obtained

  • Greater efficiency of the automatic lead and contact acquisition process and faster and more accurate management of sales follow-ups and negotiations.
  • Extreme simplification and elimination of the risk of errors and loss of opportunities.
  • Efficient management of document flows and archiving of company documents.