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Argo Consult

The perfect integration for a service company that operates by order About Argo Consult A national and international company from Abruzzo, it has been providing


Carbotech S.r.l. SECTOR: Manufacturing SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Carbotech Case History Problem One of the problems that most worried company management was the growing loss of sales

GoInfoteam Case History

Infoteam S.r.l. SECTOR: Information Technology SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM, ZenDMS, ZenProject, ZenHR, ZenOrders. GoInfoteam Case History Problem DIRECTORAL AREA the speed and extent of the company’s growth

Unifad Case History

UNIFAD SECTOR: E-learning SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM and Zen E-Invoices Unifad Case History Problem the management of customer relations, especially the most important ones, suffered from the

Tecnolink Case History

Tecnolink S.r.l. SECTOR:Consulting services for the Public Administration SOLUTIONS:ZenCRM Sales Edition and Zen E-Invoices Tecnolink Case History Problem The management of relationships with customers and

Multinational Chemical Sector Case History

Multinational Chemical Sector SECTOR:Chemical SOLUTIONS ZenCRM Sales Edition Multinational Chemical Sector Case History Problem Both the commercial area and the sales area presented inefficiencies and

Multinational Fashion Industry Case History

Multinational fashion industry SECTOR: Fashion SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Multinational Fashion Industry Case History Problem The customer complained of many difficulties in managing data relating to customers

Talento Case History

Talento S.r.l. SECTOR: E-learning SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Talento Case History Problem the quality and level of communication were compromised by the absence of an adequate system

High Technology Case History

H.T. High Technology S.r.l. SECTOR: Consulting and Innovation SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Pro Edition High Technology Case History Problem the level of internal coordination of the work

Grammelot Case History

Grammelot S.r.l. SECTOR: ICT SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM, ZenDMS, ZenProject. Grammelot Case History Problem There were inefficiencies in all areas of the company. in the field of

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