Talento Case History Admin 3 November 2022

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Talento Case History


  • the quality and level of communication were compromised by the absence of an adequate system for entering, updating and sharing data;
  • there were serious inefficiencies in the marketing area due to the lack of effective planning, insufficient or obsolete marketing management systems, inadequate tracking of marketing activities. alla mancanza di un unico punto di convergenza dei dati, cui far riferimento per le attività con valenza strategica. The inefficiencies of the marketing area also had a negative impact on the sales area and therefore on the general performance of the company.


  • optimization of information management
  • information sharing;
  • clear and analytical representation of data for a classification of customers for strategic purposes;
  • automatizzazione le operazioni di web marketing per la creazione automatica di opportunità di vendita.


  • sviluppo del business;
  • efficient management of relationships with leads, prospects and acquired customers;
  • punctual monitoring of commercial opportunities.

Implemented solution
The implementation of the Customer Relationship Management solution, ZenCRM in its Pro Edition has allowed an integrated and automated management of commercial and marketing activities, finally offering users the possibility of quickly obtaining and sharing information that is always updated and easy to read.

Company areas
Marketing and Sales Area

Benefits obtained
ZenCRM made it possible:

  • better communication within the sales force;
  • more accurate analysis and more detailed reporting on results and sales trends;
  • an optimized management of information relating to customers and new opportunities also thanks to the reclamation of the master data that has been purified of obsolete and unusable data;
  • an objective and realistic classification of customers based on their purchasing potential;
  • tracking of all sales negotiations;
  • a general improvement in corporate efficiency levels.