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The perfect integration for a service company that operates by order

Argoconsult Customer

A national and international company from Abruzzo, it has been providing consultancy and training to businesses aimed at mitigating business risks since 2011.


Dealing with complex sales involving multiple interlocutors, Argo Consult needed a complete, structured and efficient solution to manage the entire customer life cycle, from sales to after-sales, together with project management and document archiving in a simple and fast way.

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Greater focus on the process of acquiring and retaining the customer portfolio. Complete projects on time, to raise the quality of the service offered to its customers. Make activity reporting constantly updated to ensure timely invoicing. Best protect your knowledge base built over the years.

Benefits and results

The benefits were tangible and immediate.

  • With ZenCRM, Argo Consult has revolutionized customer acquisition and management, increasing customer loyalty and the level of service offered.
  • Thanks to the integrated Project Management solution ZenProject, consultancy orders are managed efficiently, with constant monitoring and timely completion of the related activities; the updated reporting offers valid support to Argo Consult’s administrative activities.
  • Finally, ZenDMS provided the necessary structure for managing corporate documents, all from a single integrated platform that allows data to be shared in real time between all the interlocutors involved.
Benefici e risultati case history
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The ZenCRM Cloud platform is the integrated Customer Relationship Management solution, part of the larger ZenShare Suite, a complete solution based on Lead to Cash with which to manage the entire sales process seamlessly: from lead generation to invoice collection , up to customer support.

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ZenProject is the Project Management solution of the ZenShare Suite with which to manage projects and orders in an integrated way. Project Management offers a methodological approach to successfully manage complex projects, ensuring greater control, clarity of objectives, optimization of resources and an improvement in overall quality.

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Interzen Document Registration System with its high usability and security is an integral part of the ZenDMS document management system.
Got the ACN qualificazition on the specific marketplace for the Public Administration. The ZenDMS Document Registration System allows you to archive, share and protect company data over time ensuring that they are accessible only to users who have the rights, and allows the traceability of actions carried out on documents, preventing any unauthorized modifications or loss of data and documents.

The software is in the Cloud at the Microsoft Azure CSP and guarantees back up every 4 hours with geographical redundancy of the system and Disaster Recovery.

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