CAA CIA Admin 10 November 2022


SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition

CAA CIA Case History

the document management area was characterized by multiple inconveniences, in particular as regards the protocolling of documents. Inconveniences and excessively long times were complained of in the operations of sorting documents to the offices or to the competent managers.


  • possibility of easily and automatically registering outgoing communications to Public Bodies and incoming documentation from different interlocutors;
  • rapid sorting of documents destined for other offices and archiving of digitized documents and messages from emails/certified emails, meeting the requirements of the law and data security and confidentiality criteria.


  • automated management of the registration and archiving operations of all incoming and outgoing documents both in paper and digital format;
  • drastic reduction of paper documentation;
  • elimination of the risk of loss of documents;
  • general increase in the levels of efficiency in carrying out the procedures.

Implemented solution
The Document Management System solution, ZenDMS, in its Protocol Edition and with AgID-certified digital archiving, satisfied the need to:

  • an optimized management of the protocol and document flows also between different provincial offices;
  • rational archiving by means of classification titulary.

Company areas
General services / Public Administration.

Benefits obtained
the implementation of ZenDMS Protocol Edition has fully satisfied the customer’s needs and solved the problems related to document management and document registration, also eliminating the risk of accidental loss of documents. Filing and digital preservation in accordance with the law have finally generated a rational and orderly classification system, guaranteeing operators easy research and almost immediate retrieval of information.