EnpamRE Admin 21 November 2022

SECTOR: Real Estate

SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition

EnpamRE Case History


  • extreme confusion and disorder in the management, logging, research and storage of a huge amount of both digital and paper documents;
  • great difficulty and too long times for the sorting of documents to the relevant offices or managers;
  • inefficiencies and high levels of stress related to the frequent loss of documents.


  • acquire an efficient, automatic and easy-to-use tool for registering incoming and outgoing documents;
  • drastically reduce the amount of paper material in circulation;
  • protocol without difficulty even those documents intended for offices or organizational units with different locations throughout the territory.


  • record incoming, outgoing and internal documents quickly, securely and in a standardized way in compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • eliminate paper records and streamline document flows;
  • ensure secure and controlled access to documents from any device, at any time, from any location;
  • greater transparency and administrative simplification.

Implemented solution
The Document Management System of ZenDMS in its Protocol edition has allowed:

  • the elimination of paper records;
  • the rapid sorting of documents to offices also located differently throughout the territory;
  • registration of incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence and documentation in a simple, secure and legal manner.

Company areas
General services and administration

Benefits obtained
ZenDMS has allowed significant savings both in terms of time and costs for carrying out normal administrative operations, always guaranteeing the highest levels of security. A significant improvement in efficiency levels has been found thanks to the progressive elimination of paper documents and the digitization of document processes, large benefits have also been obtained in terms of general cooperation within the organization.