Carbotech Admin 18 November 2022

SECTOR: Manufacturing


Carbotech Case History

One of the problems that most worried company management was the growing loss of sales opportunities probably due to inefficient management of relationships with leads, prospects and customers already acquired. The sales area was excessively overloaded with routine activities as to not have sufficient resources to devote to customer care activities, negotiation management and strategic planning of objectives. The management of product samples was also inefficient and a source of waste.


  • adopt a CRM system that could offer ample margins of automation for monitoring and managing sales negotiations;
  • to be able to quickly and automatically produce detailed and accurate estimates;
  • take advantage of an automated system for the management of sampling, in this case of the pieces to be sent to the customer as samples through the various stages of processing and quality control.


  • zero risk of loss of new sales opportunities;
  • automation of the estimating process;
  • optimization of the process of sending product samples.

Project description
The CPQ module has been customized to meet a rather complex estimating system: in particular, the objective of obtaining, already in the configuration phase, a precise determination of the costs of the materials necessary for the realization of the various projects.

Solution implemented
To satisfy all the needs highlighted, ZenCRM was implemented, the Customer Relationship Management solution installed and executed directly on the company virtual machine/server and the CPQ module, the automatic configuration system for sales estimates (Configure – Price – Quote ) with specific ad hoc customizations.

Company areas
Marketing and Sales Area

Benefits obtained

  • The objective of managing all sales negotiations carefully and efficiently was achieved, also obtaining better coordination of the people who work within the organization.
  • ZenCRM has made possible a correct and streamlined archiving of all information and relationships with Customers and Prospects, as well as an orderly and centralized management of all related documentation.
  • The estimating process has been made more efficient thanks to the automatic configurator of the CPQ (Configure Price Quotation) estimate, which has been adapted to the customer’s needs together with the possibility of managing even more estimates against the same opportunity.