Hydro Case History Admin 11 October 2022

SECTOR: Manufacturing

SOLUTIONS:ZenDMS and Digital archiving

Hydro Case History

Document management was chaotic and increasingly difficult, in particular problems were highlighted in the management of the flow of active and passive invoices. The digital preservation platform already in use was now obsolete and insufficient with respect to the new business needs.

The problems highlighted made it necessary to replace the old document management and digital preservation system with a new, more performing, easier and more intuitive system to use, which would allow for faster document searching, more rational classification and a system of rules and criteria that would also guarantee secure and confidential access to documents.

The main objective was to innovate the entire document area, introducing a technologically advanced and efficient solution.

Project description
The implementation took place in two distinct phases: initially the documents were migrated from the old digital preservation platform to the new one; subsequently, the documentation relating to the flow of active and passive invoices was taken over. In order to acquire the spools relating to accounting documents (VAT registers, journal, assets register, etc.) the Spool Recognition module has been implemented. The module allows you to generate documents in PDF format, extract relevant metadata and automatically archive them in ZenDMS. At the end of these operations, the documents are ready to be sent for digital archiving.

Implemented solution
ZenDMS, the document management solution of the ZenShare Suite, has made it possible to radically renew the entire document management and archiving system, also solving the problem of managing document flows relating to invoices.

Company areas
Administration, Finance and Control

Benefits obtained

The ZenDMS document management platform has simplified the management of administrative-accounting documents, improving the efficiency of work processes related to the acquisition, archiving and digital preservation of documents. Furthermore, the new system was extremely user-friendly and simplified daily operations, also increasing the productivity levels of the departments involved.