Portfolio Category: Manufacturing


Carbotech S.r.l. SECTOR: Manufacturing SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM THE PROJECT Problem One of the problems that most worried company management was the growing loss of sales opportunities

Gruppo Magaldi

Magaldi Power S.p.A. SECTOR:Manufacturing SOLUTIONS: Zen E-Invoices Electronic Invoicing THE PROJECT Problem The efficiency of the administrative area suffered the negative effects of problems inherent


Ponzio S.r.l. SECTOR: Manufacturing SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Pro Editon THE PROJECT Problem the quality and level of communication were compromised by the absence of an adequate


Norsk Hydro ASA SECTOR: Manufacturing SOLUTIONS:ZenDMS and Digital archiving THE PROJECT Problem Document management was chaotic and increasingly difficult, in particular problems were highlighted in

Magna Powertrain

Magna International Inc. SECTOR: Manufacturing SOLUTIONS: Zen E-Invoices THE PROJECT Problem The administrative area complained of problems relating to the issue and management of electronic

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