Unifad Case History Admin 17 November 2022

SECTOR: E-learning

SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM and Zen E-Invoices

Unifad Case History

the management of customer relations, especially the most important ones, suffered from the lack of an efficient and standardized system which was to take better care of customer relations and also offer the possibility of interfacing and communicating effectively with the platforms of e-learning.
On the electronic invoicing front, there were problems due to inefficient management and significant slowdowns in the administrative area.


  • manage commercial negotiations with major customers;
  • obtain interfacing with e-learning platforms for tracking data relating to the provision of refresher courses;
  • be able to manage electronic invoices without problems, easily and in compliance with the law.


  • have as soon as possible an easy-to-use system for managing customer relations;
  • relieve the workload on the administrative area through an automatic electronic invoice management system;
  • improve company performance and develop the business.

Implemented solution
ZenCRM, the Customer Relationship Management solution of ZenShare Suite, has made available to the customer an efficient system, integrated with the internal management system, equipped with a vast range of functions to take care of customer relationships in an adequate and profitable way.
Zen E-invoices electronic invoicing, has instead provided an immediate and satisfactory response to the needs of electronic invoicing.

Company areas
Marketing / Sales / Administration

Benefits obtained

  • streamlining, simplification and greater efficiency in the management of commercial negotiations;
  • possibility of drawing on a database that is always updated and full of information on refresher courses.

Overall, ZenCRM and Zen E-invoices have brought to the company all those benefits and improvements in terms of efficiency, which have created the ideal conditions for a significant business development.