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Citra Vini sceglie il CRM di ZenShare - Case study

SECTOR: Viticulture


Citra Vini Case History

The most stringent problems as well as that of more efficient management of customer relations and better organization of the sales network concentrated in particular on the management of sampling which was disorganized and often the cause of waste, and on the need for the proposed tool could be integrated with the management system already present in the company.


  • have an automatic and advanced system for managing relations with customers and potential customers that is able to communicate with an already existing management software;
  • manage the entire sampling process;
  • have a system for tracking visits to customers and potential customers

Introducing Customer Relationship Management tools that can be integrated with the management software in use, capable of optimizing the management of the sending of product samples, and of effectively tracking the visits made by sales managers to customers.

Solution implemented
ZenCRM Pro Edition, in particular thanks to the modules dedicated to the management of sampling ( Samples Management) and to the management of all the information concerning the visits of sales agents to customers (Visit Report), has made it possible to optimize and automate the processes relating to respective company areas that presented inefficiencies due precisely to the lack of adequate tools. the concerns regarding the integration of the system with the management system in use have been largely overcome by providing, on a weekly basis, the importation from the Team System Management System to ZenCRM of data on customers, turnover and products.

Company areas
Marketing / Sales

Benefits obtained

  • significant improvement of company performances in the management of prospects and customers;
  • possibility of verifying information relating to customers and related turnover in real time and from anywhere in the world thanks to the integration implemented with the Team System management software;
  • presence of detailed reports on what resulted from one or more meetings with customers and potential customers, with a consequent more efficient and organic definition of the activity and future commercial strategies;
  • optimized sampling management by monitoring quantities/shipments and eliminating waste.