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SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Workflow Edition

De Cecco Case History

the client’s major concerns focused on the level of confusion and the growing level of discomfort in document management, in particular of the administrative-accounting documentation exchanged between the various foreign countries (USA, UK, France) and Italy, and which required the final posting of accounting documents in SAP.
Document approval flows were also made difficult by the absence of a standard management process, with conspicuous slowdowns in the processing of practices. The amount of paper documents to manage had assumed worrying proportions to the serious detriment of the overall efficiency of the company departments involved and also the times required to search for documents and share them were no longer in line with company needs.

the problems highlighted above, therefore, arose the need for a radical reorganization in document management, for the identification of a system that:

  • drastically reduced the amount of paper documents present in the company
  • automated and simplified the document approval process as much as possible
  • facilitated a quick search and consultation of archived documents
  • allowed automatic posting of documents in SAP without any problems.


  • drastic reduction of paper documentation;
  • rational organization of information;
  • secure and confidential access to information;
  • efficient and automated management of the entire document life cycle;
  • archiving in accordance with the law;
  • quick search of archived documents
  • simplification and standardization of document approval processes;
  • an efficient criterion for quick search of archived documents.

Project description
Installation of ZenDMS Workflow Edition for the dematerialization of document flows shared between the USA, UK, France and Italy. It was necessary to install an Autoimport module which made it possible to simplify and speed up the acquisition of documents in ZenDMS. A process was then structured for each country which provides for the automatic acquisition of documents in the platform, the simultaneous entry into specific workflow processes with the various approval phases and the final registration on SAP.

Implemented solution
The most suitable solution for achieving the objectives described was identified in ZenDMS in its Workflow Edition, as the only platform for document management and automation of administrative processes within the group.

Company areas
General services / Administration, finance and control

Benefits obtained
The use of a web-based platform has made it possible to break down the geographical barriers between foreign countries (USA, UK, France) and Italy and to improve the operational processes related to the accounting of invoices and all related documents. Among the most relevant advantages, the reduction of processing times, approval and registration of accounting documents and a general increase in the productivity of the administrative and accounting area at an international level.

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