Multinational Chemical Sector Case History Admin 4 November 2022


SOLUTIONS ZenCRM Sales Edition

Multinational Chemical Sector Case History

Both the commercial area and the sales area presented inefficiencies and operational difficulties in managing customer relations. There was high information loss, complaints about customer relationship management difficulties and poor coordination within the sales force. The sampling management was inefficient.


  • more efficient management of customer relationships and information;
  • structured view of multinational clients;
  • be able to evaluate complaints and returns per customer;
  • provide the salesperson with a form to fill out in order to collect important information about the customer after each visit;
  • sample management and customer feedback monitoring on samples;
  • enjoy coaching and support to face the transition to a new work approach.


  • zeroing of information loss;
  • expansion of the range of products sold for each customer;
  • improvement of the efficiency of the sales force;
  • adequate valorisation of the information collected by the agents through efficient reporting and analysis systems;
  • optimization in the management of product samples;
  • work continuity and efficiency during the transition from the old to the new system.

Solution implemented
The implementation of ZenCRM Sales Edition has satisfied all the needs expressed by the customer thanks to its modules: Marketing (for the management of leads and customers), Sales (for the management of company, contacts and business opportunities), Administration ( for the management and monitoring of contracts and invoices), Visit Report (the area dedicated to salespeople for the guided compilation of the customer visit report), Sample Management (for managing the process of sending product samples and collecting feedback of customers), Catalog Management (integrated product database management), Dashboards and graphs.
In order to facilitate the transition to the new working method, extensive support was offered to the customer through company consultancy in change management

Company areas
Marketing, Sales, Administration

Benefits obtained

  • facilitating coordination of customer and company information in sales opportunity and project management;
  • simplification of customer decisions favored by real-time analysis of data and information;
  • improvement of performance levels in the areas concerned with a wider beneficial effect on the whole company;
  • increase in the level of competitiveness deriving from easier access to information on customers, competitors and from a more strategic use of product feedback from the customers themselves.