SPI CGIL Case History Admin 10 November 2022
CGIL SPI Sindacato Pensionati Italiani sceglie il Protocollo Informatico di ZenShare - Case study

Sindacato Pensionati Italiani

SECTOR: Trade Union

SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition

SPI CGIL Case History

the management of the union’s current and historical archive had become almost impossible due to the out-of-control amount of paper documentation. Searching for documents required a very long time, sharing was almost absent, the number of lost documents was very high, the sorting, registration and filing operations made slow and cumbersome by an obsolete manual logging system. Stress levels at work due to difficult document management negatively impacted the motivation and efficiency of operators.

the problems encountered revealed the need to completely reorganize the document management system, it was necessary to drastically and promptly reduce the amount of paper material, it was necessary to provide an effective criterion for document filing and classification. The need for an automatic and simple system for sorting and registering documents could no longer be postponed. It was necessary to activate adequate channels for rapid research and sharing of documents without compromising the need for confidential and secure access to information.


  • dematerialise as many documents as possible;
  • archive and digitally store the documentation in compliance with current legislation;
  • develop an automatic registration system for incoming, outgoing and internal documentation that was also easy to use and easy to understand;
  • make documents searchable and shareable in a very short time in compliance with precise confidentiality criteria;
  • eliminate the loss of documents.

Implemented solution
the Document Management solution of the Zen Share Suite,ZenDMS in its Edition dedicated to Document Registration (Protocol), has made possible the satisfaction of all the needs and the achievement of all the objectives listed above. The implementation of ZenDMS Protocol Edition has enabled an efficient and integrated management of the current and historical union archive made easier the opera<tions of documents registration.

Company areas
General Services / Public Administration

Benefits obtained
The adoption of the new document management and registration system has produced significant benefits both in terms of work quality, internal organization and the spirit of collaboration between operators. The optimization of spaces, no longer invaded by paper material, has significantly improved the appearance and quality of the work environment to the full benefit of both the operators themselves and the users thanks to a better perception of the level of service offered/received.

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